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Huge Quantity of New Self-Dumping Hoppers Arrive at WarehouseRack.Com


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2014 --Warehouserack.com purchases huge quantity of new self-dumping hoppers to meet customer demand. Self-dumping hoppers have many applications in a warehouse environment. Sales Manager, Richard Robbins, says that used hoppers have been in such high demand that Warehouserack.com has always struggled to keep sufficient stock.

In order to meet customer demand, Warehouserack.com purchased several 40' containers of 1-cubic-yard self-dumping hoppers. Each hopper measures 44" W X 57" D X 37" H and has a 6,000-lb. capacity. "Our hoppers are an ideal size; they are big and heavy-duty enough to handle almost any load," says Mr. Robbins.

Hoppers are a very common type of material handling equipment found in warehouses. Their most common uses include the storage and removal of trash, metal scrap, stampings, sand, sawdust, glass, rubber, coal, ash and construction material.

The hoppers automatically dump when the release lever is pulled, and they return to an upright and locked position after dumping. Each hopper is secured to the forklift truck by a locking chain.

"We bought the hoppers in such huge volume that we were able to negotiate a very competitive cost. We want to share the savings with our valuable customers," says Mr. Robbins.

Warehouserack.com is offering a special price of only $900 on self-dumping forklift hoppers.

Visit http://www.warehouserack.com for more information.

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