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ERP Software for Food Manufacturing Requires Product Differentiation


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2006 -- According to Rebecca Gill, vice president of Technology Group International (TGI), “food and beverage manufacturers require special technology functionality from ingredient tracking with substitution to lot number and property tracking.”

Enterprise 21 is the food and beverage technology solution from TGI. Unlike generic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, Enterprise 21 is clearly differentiated with requirements serving the food and beverage sector.

Overview of Enterprise 21 Manufacturing System Features:
• An online product configurator allows for quick and easy quoting that is completely integrated with the manufacturing plant floor. Rules-based configurations allows for multiple levels of product specific attributes which are utilized within pricing sheets, throughout inventory control, and manufacturing.
• Allows for definition of both multilevel formulations and bills of material (BOM.)
• Where-used functionality enables rapid access to all finished goods utilizing a specific component material.
• "Mass replace." Food manufacturers can query on all BOM's which have a certain ingredient and mass replace that ingredient for quick updates.
• Formulations and BOMs are easily duplicated and updated. Multiple versions of the original formulation/bill are numerically controlled.
• Automatic "yield" calculation for raw material utilization based upon BOM and routing yields. Actual usage variations from standard amounts are easily recorded. Substitutions are easily recorded as well.
• Cost variances from standard amounts are tracked and reported.
• Inquiry screens enable tracking of production runs through the production recording process.
• Machine downtime can be recorded by multiple reason code.
• Employee exposure to hazardous chemicals is automatically tracked.
• Lot numbers are tracked from the raw material stage through shipment of finished goods.
• Inquiry screens provide the ability to trace shipped product back to specific finished good product lot numbers, and further back to the specific raw material numbers used to manufacture each finished product.

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