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Aluminum "The Future of Tough" Says Ford Automotive. Cruise Car, Inc. One Step Ahead

Automotive Giants Agree: Aluminum - Not Steel -is the Frame of the Future.


Sarasota, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2014 --Ford Motor Co. made a landmark decision to convert the primary material of their top selling vehicle, the F-150, from steel to aluminum on all their 2015 models. While everyone, including CEO Mark Fields, agrees that this move is a risk for the best-selling truck in the United States, aluminum is undoubtedly the smarter long-term choice. Companies like Audi and Cruise Car, Inc. have been utilizing the lighter and stronger aluminum material on their vehicles for years.

"Cruise Car committed to exclusively manufacture low speed vehicles utilizing aluminum chassis and aluminum fabrication years ago," stated Cruise Car GM and Partner, Adam Sulimirski. "This decision was based on the fact that heavy steel chassis and other steel parts all rusted despite the claims of high quality rust preventing coatings suppliers. Nothing matched the efficiency of corrosive free aluminum."

Ford's Chief Engineer, Pete Reyes, concurs with these pro-aluminum statements. "Aluminum," Reyes says, "actually has better properties for dent and ding resistance…being a third as dense as steel, you can have three times the thickness before you have the same weight as steel." And less weight translates directly to better fuel economy and savings for the customer.

Following the pack, General Motors' recent incorporation of aluminum components into their newest line of pick-ups solidifies the fact that aluminum fabrication is the future of the automobile industry.

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