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Executive Excellence Announces Move to New Location in Provo: ‘Small Giant’ company offers free back orders of magazines!


Provo, Utah -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2006 -- Executive Excellence, a global leadership development company, announced today the location of its new headquarters. The company will be moving this week to the Pinnacle Park Office Condo’s located at 1806 North, 1120 West, Provo.

“We are really excited about this new move. We have downsized to be lean and mean, and yet still have a big, global imprint,” said Ken Shelton, CEO of Executive Excellence.

As a result of less storage space, Executive Excellence is offering free back orders of all Executive Excellence magazines to any company or individual who would like to receive them. Individuals can call (801) 375-4060 to order free magazines while supplies last.

“Executive Excellence magazines mark the way for thousands of individuals on leadership development and managerial effectiveness. It’s truly a ‘must have’ for anyone in leadership because we feature the best contributing authors in the world, an entire spectrum of critical topics, and a time effective format from which to read,” Shelton said.

In addition to offering free magazines, other advantages of relocating to the new location include the following:

· Better location to spur additional growth
· Reduction of rental costs
· Increased communication with clients

In conjunction with the move to a smaller office, Executive Excellence has recently redesigned the company to fit the “little giant” concept, the idea that a company does not have to be big to be great. As part of this concept, Executive Excellence hires only 10 employees, but still publishes 10 international magazine editions each month, and has an estimated 25,000 circulation in the United States and Canada.

“We have just moved into a small office space in an effort to work more closely with one another. We are, indeed, a ‘Small Giant’ company. Working together in this manner, we can better meet the needs of our clients,” Shelton said.

About Executive Excellence
Executive Excellence is a global leadership development firm, providing leaders, managers, and individuals all over the world with the best ideas on leadership and management development for the past 21 years. Simply put our role is: to help individuals aspire to, achieve, and celebrate excellence in their life, their job performance, and in their team or organizational leadership. Every month, we provide the very best and latest thinking through our monthly publications, Leadership Excellence, Sales and Service Excellence, Personal Excellence, and Health and Fitness Excellence. We feature articles by hundreds of top consultants, leaders, and trainers. Executive Excellence is located in Provo, Utah.

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