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Go GoodScout Insurance Give Back a Share of Its Profit to Non-Profit Organization


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/11/2014 --Go Goodscout LLC gives affordable health care to many thousands of people who really need it. Goodscout is the only Health Insurance Quote Provider, health insurance company that always gives back a part of our profit to benefit a non-profit organization.We want to give the less fortunate funds so they they can receive medical treatments which they wouldn't normally have access to.

Go Goodscout get together Cheap Health Care coverage" giving competitive Health Care quotes from all the best known insurance companies which then allows you to compare the plans and pick the right policy for your needs, they also let know that you are helping a good cause at the same time.

A spokesperson for Goodscout said:

"How it works? You buy and we make it easy to give back. It's nice and simple as everyone needs health insurance, so why not buy yours from the only company that will give back with every purchase? It's a great feeling to help others and especially at this time of year, so why not give hope to thousands of less fortunate people"

They even supply Low cost dental coverage. Go Goodscout promise to donate 15% of profits to Samahope, which is a non profit funding that is for critical medical treatments to whose who really need it.

Go Goodscout work closely with Samahope who was launched in 2012. $200K has been raised by donations and they need to keep helping Samahope to reach their goals for women and children worldwide.

The Cigna Foundation recently announced a $100,000 World of Difference grant to Samahope which is a platform that allows anyone, anywhere to fund the work of doctors who provide life-saving medical treatments for women and children in need around the world.

"Now is your chance to help us help others and reach women and children across India who are suffering. If we work together then we can really change the lives of patients in need. Every time you choose your health insurance then you will know that you are helping others. What better way to a Low Cost Health Insurance Quote, get affordable health care and also help people in need? Isn't it time we all done something to help others who are less fortunate" - Go Goodscout

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GoodScout Insurance is a one stop shopping for Health Care, Dental, Vision and Pet Insurance. Get a Quote, Compare, Buy and give back to the community all at once.