E-Magazine Software Slide HTML5 Is Now Ready for Online Digital Publishing

The Hong Kong based software company Slide HTML5 now introduces its online e-magazine software to publishers from all around the world.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2014 --Slide HTML5 is a software company which provides online publishing features for marketing specialists and organizations. They have introduced a new feature in their service, the e-magazine software which takes publishing to a new level and makes online publishing far more convenient.

The e-magazine software by Slide HTML5 will allow companies, organizations or businesses to publish online catalogs, magazines, brochures, etc. Slide HTML5 has made marketing much easier by providing coding-free, ready to use and plug and play features in the new e-magazine software.

A company can create content of their liking through tools provided by the software and generate the catalog within no time. The catalog, brochure or magazine would be interactive, have an amazing GUI, and will be easy to understand for the customer. This improves the marketing and branding aspect of any business and helps them reach out to a larger customer base, attract more people and convince them with relative ease.

It does not matter whether someone wants to import content or to create it from scratch; both features are supported. Someone who wants to import rich content can do so while creation of content from the start will also be aided through the software tools.

Slide HTML5 further provides websites with the ability to decorate and renovate their website for special events. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, this software can come in really handy for changing the outlook of a website.

Through the e-magazine software, animations and slide effects can be added to a website as per the theme of an event. The website can be made attractive and appealing through the use of the software. The interactive slides can be imbedded into the presentation created for the website, but will require very simple coding.

About Slide HTML5
Slide HTML5's new e-magazine software is something that can help anyone with their marketing aspect, can attract customers and increase their visibility and reach. The tools are flexible so a lot of options are available for users.