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Quality Janitorial Services of Phoenix Gives Tips on Taking Care of Porcelain


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2014 --Quality Janitorial Services, a Phoenix commercial and residential cleaning company, knows how hard it is to keep porcelain clean without damaging the surface. Here are some insider tips to make sure porcelain fixtures are spotless and in great shape.

Don't Use:

Abrasive Cleaners - Borax, Ajax and steel wool DO NOT MIX with porcelain. Keep those far away. Glazed porcelain will be terribly damaged by any of these, allowing stains to seep further into the porcelain surface. Use gentle cleansers and cleaning tools.

Anything with dye - We advise against using any cleaning agents with dyes in them. The dye can seep into the porcelain and create new stains.

Do Use:

Baking Soda - This is a simple way to clean without harsh chemicals. Leaving damp baking soda on the stain overnight can remove stains from things like coffee and other drinks.

Bleach - This is a more harsh than baking soda, but can lift stains as well. Just be careful where it's used and not to get it on towels or clothing as it could leave unwanted spots!

Hydrogen Peroxide - If it's safe to use on cuts, it's safe to use for cleaning! The bubbly nature of peroxide can lift set-in stains.

Dish Detergent - This is also a gentle way to clean porcelain. Be careful not to use any with dyes. Porcelain can soak up any color from detergents. Most grocery stores will carry dye free detergents that will work perfectly for the job.

Lemons - This is a natural way to get rid of new stains. Run half of a lemon around a porcelain sink once a week to get rid of light colored stains and have the sink or toilet glistening.

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