Slide HTML5 Released a Versatile eBook Publishing Software for Online Publishers

One can create attractive catalogs, magazines, brochures and more with rich multimedia with Slide HTML5.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2014 --Slide HTML5, a leader in innovative digital publishing, has announced the release of its new platform featuring a full suite of incredible ebook publishing software. Designed for creating beautiful catalogs, magazines, brochures, and more, Slide HTML5 offers the ultimate tool for creative marketers and publishers.

"At Slide HTML5, we are transforming digital publishing and reading experiences," Allen Huang, chief technology officer at Slide HTML5 says. "The platform is fully customizable, simple to use, and completely free. In addition, it's beautiful to look at. Readers will find its design highly intuitive. What we've built is a single, fluid solution to creating and consuming stunning online publications."

Slide HTML5 leverages an impressive array of technology for publishers to not only create and share beautiful content, but also grow their online audiences through the ability to create impressive interactive publications and track how users engage with content.

With this new ebook publishing software, digital publishers are given the ability to share content with customers as .zip files or through other portable devices, compatible with both Windows and Mac machines. Publishers also have the option of easily embedding content directly into their own websites or access a cloud server, so they can share publications through social networks, WordPress plugin, or Joomla or Durpal modules.

Recognizing the importance of data, Slide HTML5 delivers an astounding array of insights in real-time, giving publishers the ability to track user engagement, page views, time spent on pages, and much more.

Not only does content published through Slide HTML5 look beautiful, but the platform also optimizes the SEO of publications by giving publishers the ability to set HTML metadata for easy search engine recognition.

"There is a tremendous opportunity to grow digital subscriptions as the print market continues to shrink," Huang says. "With our platform, publishers have a no-risk, simple solution to converting subscribers and continue to grow their audiences as the digital age progresses."

About Slide HTML5
Content published through Slide HTML5 is readable on any Android or Apple device, including desktops, e-readers, tablets, or smartphones. The reading interface is 100% intuitive, and readers may access content published on the platform online or offline.

To learn more about Slide HTML5, visit http://slidehtml5.com/features/ to learn more about specific features.

Visit http://slidehtml5.com/example/dla-prper/index.html to see a real publication on Slide HTML5's platform.