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New Film Empowers Citizens to Solve Systemic Problems


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2014 --The Blindspot, an upcoming feature documentary and social change initiative helmed by Oscar-nominated director William Gazecki (WACO: The Rules of Engagement), will reveal society's quintessential blind spot: structure determines behavior –  how we set up a system (politics, justice) determines the way people within the system act.

Producers Martin Rausch and Bonnie Solomon (Voyage Media) are currently running a crowd funding campaign to film a diverse group of New Yorkers who use their differences to find novel solutions for institutional racism, one of three systemic issues to be addressed in the film. Collective Intelligence is a proven principle by which diverse groups of ordinary people harness more wisdom than experts, and often achieve breakthroughs where the system cannot. The outcome will be shared interactively with New York's population via streaming audio and social media. 

At a time when it seems a whole country cannot breathe, The Blindspot offers a new approach to problem-solving that invites all perspectives to the table to co-create a public agenda that serves one and all.

Contributions to the film's Indiegogo campaign can be made here: 

About the project launcher
Martin Rausch has been pursuing a life-long passion for discovering conditions and leverage points that help us to create our collective destiny, rather than being at its mercy. Besides co-creating this project Martin also works as a facilitator and trains people in Nonviolent Communication, Dynamic Facilitation and in other processes.