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"TO SERVE & PROTECT" - New Controversial Film About Police Violence in America Inspired by Real Events


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2014 --With the recent ruling in New York, Ferguson, the police killing of a 12-year old in Cleveland and the entire nation responding aggressively to these events, LA-based production house Drama Deluxe believes now is the time for a feature film that dares to show both sides of a heated topic to try and inspire change.

In a random act of violence, a police officer is shot dead outside a diner as his partner watches helplessly from inside the patrol car. Being part of a system driven by fear and politics where nobody respects the badge, the partner buries his rage deep inside. With the lack of resources and support to deal with his pain, his rage builds and explodes into a savage beating that kills an innocent homeless man.

Director Adam Neutzsky-Wulff has made the following statement about his project: "I want to create a film that challenges the notion of a flawless police force. I feel that clever prosecutors are shaping arguments to mislead jurors to ignore blatant police misconduct, undermining the basis of our democracy. The right to fairness is no longer a given in our modern judicial system".

The film is going to say:"Do not mock our sense of justice. Do not say it's not a race issue. Do not tell us that officers are entitled to shoot to kill just because they're carrying a badge." There is no such thing as a code of conduct when cops kill a child holding a toy gun. Police officers are public servants on duty, not soldiers at war.

Still - in order to change anything there needs to be shown respect for all human life, regardless of skin color and understand both sides of the problem. This film does not want to contribute to the growing alienation between the police force and the citizens. It want to inspire mutual understanding and respect. This is about restoring our faith in human decency and that is why this film is so important.

Aside from the traditional investor route, Drama Deluxe is raising funds on IndieGoGo. You can read about the film, see a five minute pilot and donate to it here:

A mini-pilot was produced & directed by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff. It is available here to view or download:

Head of Drama Deluxe, producer/director Adam Neutzsky-Wulff is available for further information about the project. He can be contacted via e-mail or by phone 310 721 6097.

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