New Amazing Demos Created with Digital Brochure Maker Released by Slide HTML5

The website has updated with new demo digital brochures recently. People can now experience the power of its digital brochure maker throught these new amazing examples.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2014 --The high-end digital publishing platform - Slide HTML5, displays its potential to the world through a new series of online brochures created using the software. These examples illustrate many distinct functionalities of the advance tools presented on the platform.

Slide HTML5 is not just another digital brochure maker that could create interactive brochures. It is the worlds leading software that offers its users the best and most advanced tools to create attractive catalogs, brochures, magazines, look books, presentations and infographics.

The benefits of Slide HTML5 are numerous. One of the key benefits is that an absolute beginner could create a professional level e-publication in minutes, for no cost. This is because the team of developers at Slide HTML5 has designed their new software in such a way that to operate the software the coding knowledge needed is zero. The era where businessmen were charged exorbitant prices for a digital publication is long gone. This amazing platform offers everybody with a flare of imagination, a fair chance to present their products and ideas in an innovative manner to the viewers.

Apart from the above major benefits, the hyper-interactive digital publishing software has a bounty of advantages. The software is extremely user-friendly and fast as a lightening making it highly useful for busy entrepreneurs with a minimal knowledge on graphic designing. The publications created through this platform can be accessed through any smart device including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets from any part of the world.

This truly global software supports 14 commonly used international languages. Thus the users could customize their e-publications' languages based on the country they intend to distribute it. Simply, ones could say that the Slide HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform serves its users as a multipurpose software. The powerful inbuilt features allow the publishers to customize the unique and versatile publications to suit different purposes.

The highly attractive gallery of sample e-publications is available at: The team of developers invites the interested users, especially the newbies to view the gallery of amazing catalogs, brochures, magazines, look books, presentations and infographics and extract ideas to create their own set of appealing digital publications.

About Slide HTML5
Slide HTML5 Software Company is the leading technology provider of HTML5 digital publishing solutions. The company offers technology solutions for online and offline conversion of the marketing content and printed material into a unique digital edition experience. The published content will readily be available across all digital platforms and social channels. Slide HTML5 offers a wide variety of interactive features that surpass any other software solution in the digital publishing industry.