Daniel Branch

Slim's E-Juice Has Become the Leading Manufacturer of Affordable Quality E-Liquid

Slim's E-Juice has brought in a new standard to the E-Liquid industry, with prices 50% lower than leading competitors and a better quality product the bar has been raised. Experts in the community agree that this company will be the dominant manufacturer in the near future.


Manchester, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2014 --Slim's E-Juice has become the leader of the e-liquid market by providing 1000's of customers with a consistent top quality product at a price that is well below 50% of the other top competitors price. The company strives to bring top quality ingredients which are sourced from several FDA approved manufacturers in the United States. The company states that every ingredient they use in their product is sources from the United States, and that every company they purchase from uses top quality ingredients.

This company was founded in early 2014 and within a year has grown to over 10,000 loyal customers. The following is achieved because there is always something fresh and their standard of quality. Every week they produce a new product to make sure that there is something for everyone to vape on. The vapor industry is at a boom and many people believe it will double every year going forward. With some many new E-Liquid manufacturers entering into the market it's best to stick with ones who have experience and dedication to the industry.

About E-Liquid
E-Liquid manufacturing hasn't established a standard yet. There are still many places where you can buy e-liquid at such as a local shop. Many of the shop owners make this liquid in the bathroom or a table behind the counter with no sense of hygiene or sanitation. This E-Liquid is then used by the customer without thinking of the level of contaminants brought into their bodies. At Slim's E-Juice the level of sanitation is remarkable. They have a full facility with air filtration, disposable utensils, equipment sanitizers, stainless steel tables, product testing, and use all ingredients from FDA approved sources. Setting the standard in this area as well.