San Antonio Holistic Pain Management Company's Philanthropy Lasts All Year, producer and marketer of Power Strips™ holistic pain relief patch, makes donations a year-round event


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2014 --San Antonio, Texas holistic pain management patch creator Joe Huebner promotes wellness and natural health with his Power Strips™ natural pain patch, but his efforts to improve the overall well-being of his customers and community goes far beyond the marketing of his flagship pain relief product. Joe practices a year-long philosophy of philanthropy, giving back in a variety of ways each month that help to restore quality of life and relieve the stresses some feel can't be soothed by Power Strips.

Joe says, "I'm a career giver. I've been donating to a few charities for a long time, and I make it a point to give monthly to a couple of them. We create the Power Strips to relieve pain symptoms with a combination of natural ingredients and modern technology, but there are ways to improve the lives of others outside of that too." Joe fosters a philosophy of caring throughout his enterprise, encouraging employees to find ways to give back to the community that supports them. "An interest in healthcare led me to start donating to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and my love for creatures great and small has me donating regularly to the ASPCA (the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). These are two ways I try and give back a little to the community that's supported my product, and I hope others can find a way to do the same," Joe said.

About Power Strips
Power Strips are an FDA Class I listed device for the relief of pain symptoms via a special combination of powerful natural healing agents. Power Strips provide a healthy, holistic alternative to expensive pain medications that can have severe side-effects or cannot be taken for those with certain conditions or allergies. The all-natural ingredients responsible for the powerful pain-fighters in each patch include germanium, an element found on the periodic table, naturally-fermented Korean red ginseng, and powerful marine phytoplankton which contains Alpha3 CMP™. Each patch is coated with an effective, organic adhesive derived from natural ingredients that are water-soluble and completely free of petroleum products. Patches adhere to the targeted pain area for 24-48 hours. Made in San Antonio, Texas, Power Strips are a new, safe, holistic alternative to pain medication for fast, effective relief.

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