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Skin Cancer Is Also Caused by HPV; CBCD Reviews the Studies and Recommends Two Natural HPV Remedies

HPV makes the skin more sensitive to the effect of sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) on the skin, according to a study published in the French medical journal, Presse Medicale on October 22, 2014. (1) The CBCD reviews the study and recommends Novirin or Gene-Eden-VIR to HPV infected individuals.


Rochester, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/26/2014 --"Infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV)? The CBCD recommends taking Novirin or Gene-Eden-VIR." – Greg Bennett, CBCD

Medical studies now show that the human papillomavirus (HPV) is associated with skin cancer. As Dr. Shalaka Hampras recently wrote in a study published in PLoS One, "evidence suggests that cutaneous human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is associated with non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC)." (See PLoS One, from September 8, 2014) (2) Dr. Hampras is from the Department of Cancer Epidemiology at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

The main cause of non-melanoma skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However, Dr. Accadi agrees with Dr. Hampras, writing in another study that, "cutaneous HPVs that belong to the beta genus may act as a co-carcinogen with UVR (ultraviolet radiation) ... Beta-HPVs may also play a role in cutaneous Sub Cutaneous Carcinoma in immunocompromised ... and in immunocompetent individuals." (1) Dr. Accadi is from the Infections and Cancer Biology (ICB) Group at the International Agency for Research on Cancer with the World Health Organization.

Cutaneous warts appear commonly among certain occupations "such as handlers of meat, poultry, and fish." (See, last updated April 4, 2014) (3) Predisposing conditions for wart development include: "atopic dermatitis and any condition in which there is decreased cell-mediated immunity." (3) Infection with HPV "occurs by skin-to-skin contact ... latent HPV infection also may occur in normal skin." (3)

The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) recommends that individuals infected with HPV take Novirin or Gene-Eden-VIR. The formula of these natural HPV remedies was shown to reduce HPV symptoms in two separate, post-marketing clinical studies that followed FDA guidelines.

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The formula of Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR was tested by Hanan Polansky and Edan Itzkovitz from the CBCD in two clinical studies that followed FDA guidelines. The studies showed that the Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR formula is effective against the HPV and other viruses. The clinical studies were published in the peer reviewed, medical journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy, the first, in a special edition on Advances in Antiviral Drugs. Study authors wrote that, "individuals infected with the HPV…reported a safe decrease in their symptoms following treatment with Gene-Eden-VIR." (4) The study authors also wrote that "we observed a statistically significant decrease in the severity, duration, and frequency of symptoms." (4)

Both products can be ordered online on the Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR websites.

About Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR
Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR are natural antiviral dietary supplements. Their formula contains five natural ingredients: Selenium, Camellia Sinesis Extract, Quercetin, Cinnamomum Extract, and Licorice Extract. The first ingredient is a trace element, and the other four are plant extracts. Each ingredient and its dose was chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists at polyDNA, the company that invented and patented the formula, scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals, and identified the safest and most effective natural ingredients against latent viruses. To date, Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR are the only natural antiviral products on the market with published clinical studies that support their claims.

Scientists have discovered that "older age was significantly associated with prevalent (widespread) and persistent (long-term, chronic) HPV infection. History of blistering sunburn was associated with prevalent and persistent HPV infection ... cutaneous HPV is highly prevalent in men, with age and blistering sunburn being significant risk factors for cutaneous HPV infection." (2)

What if an individual has already been vaccinated against HPV?

"The HPV vaccine is most effective before a person is infected with an HPV … the vaccine cannot protect against established infection, nor does it protect against all types of HPV." (See WebMD, last reviewed October 28, 2010) (5).

Are there drugs that work against the HPV virus?

"There are no drugs approved against the HPV. Current treatments include procedures, such as cryotherapy, conization, and the Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP). These procedures use liquid nitrogen, a surgical knife (scalpel), a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, or electrical current to remove the abnormal growths caused by the HPV. These growths include cells that harbor the active virus. The procedures do not target cells with the latent virus. Since they do not remove the latent virus, these procedures only produce a temporary remission." (4) In contrast, Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR were designed to target the latent HPV.

"We recommend that individuals infected with HPV take Novirin or Gene-Eden-VIR against the latent virus. The formula of these natural antiviral products was designed to help the immune system target the virus while in a latent state." – Greg Bennett, CBCD

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