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Round Rock LASIK Specialists Provide Free Consultations for People Considering Laser Eye Surgery

Master Eye Associates in Round Rock offers full, comprehensive consultations for those seeking more information about LASIK laser eye surgery


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/30/2014 --Round Rock eye care specialists Master Eye Associates is currently providing new and potential patients interested in LASIK laser eye surgery comprehensive consultations at no cost. These LASIK consultations include a discussion of goals and conditions for each patient and coverage of the various types of procedures available for candidates. Each client is attended by an experienced eye doctor who will discuss each variation in detail. Consultations also include a screening that can determine whether patients are best suited for LASIK, LASEK, or PRK.

Master Eye Associates finds that many potential LASIK patients don't realize that other options for laser eye surgery in Round Rock are available, and are surprised to learn that different procedures are tailored for different eye types, needs and severity of conditions to be corrected. LASIK is the most popular surgical option and tends to be the more recognized of the variations. However, patients should be informed by their doctors of other types of laser surgery, such as In LASEK, which lifts the epithelium and pushes it aside, allowing the surgeon to apply the laser to the eye and properly sculpt the cornea. Following the laser procedure, the epithelial flap is carefully replaced, and clear contact lens bandage is placed on the eye for comfort and quick healing.

Another variation is called PRK. PRK, like LASIK and LASEK, is a refractive laser eye surgery, but it differs in being recommended for patients with thin or irregular corneas. Many doctors and patients agree on this procedure as there is no creation of an epithelial flap as in LASIK and LASEK, which is often the step which results in complications. Overall, the use of Intralase (femtosecond) laser technology for corneal flap creation has continued to advance and improve results while decreasing complications and side effects. Many common vision problems traditionally addressed by corrective lenses or contacts can now be corrected by laser eye surgery with minimal risk and manageable cost.

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