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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/30/2014 --China is undoubtedly a global icon within the tourism industry. Every year millions of tourists flock to explore this land full of ancient history, tradition, and culture. Inevitably, as more and more tourists find their way to China, travel and tour guide agencies are also becoming more saturated and generalized to keep pushing tourists through like a cattle ranch. Most of them are seeking to gain high economic benefit and take advantage of the influx of visiting tourists at the sacrifice of creating a true personal and cultural experience of China.

However, one tour guide company is deciding to change all of that-- is a new player to the field, but has recently been gaining traction and a lot of rave reviews from those who have already been booking their 'China' experience through their website. As an O2O (Online to Offline) tourism platform, offers countless and extensive information on thousands of destinations and attractions within China, including cities and towns that are not typically found on other tourist sites. also provides detailed information on transportation, accommodations, flights, prices, and personalized recommendations. Their goal is to give travellers a unique and memorable experience that evokes the character and true sense of China something they feel is being lost in more traditional tour companies.

The ease and accessibility of the website gives travellers the convenience of booking their trip to China at the click of a button. When navigating, there are a variety of options that allows travellers to pick and choose what they want to do. offers China tour durations that can take up as little as a few hours to weeks, giving ample opportunities for people to make these tours fit into their agendas. Some examples on their website included 'Food Tours' to '1-Day Bike Tours,' providing visitors to tack on short or more focused experiences during their stay in China.

According to a few reviews, the biggest difference about to its competitors is that with those customizable options, the economical price points are allowing travellers to create a truly personable experience at half the price compared to any other tour guide company without any hidden costs. The wide range of selections also give these travellers to more accurately personalize their experiences within their budgets and book it directly through the website.

Similarly, competitors do exist in this volatile industry. Large booking websites that already have a huge following such as, and other China tours sites already established themselves and have a significant advantage due to its large amount of users and brand recognition within the tourist market.

Despite the challenges of being a new company in the market, CEO Yangjie Zhang, believes that offers an unparalleled aspect to its customers that it belong in its own category. is first and foremost committed to giving its customers a simple and convenient way for them to plan their trip. As an O2O business, lvpad's comprehensive network of partners with travel agencies and travel experts within China ensures that travellers booking through their website will receive the highest standard of service at an unbeatable cost. reports that travel agencies within their network are routinely assessed and analyzed to guarantee the quality of excellence is met to lvpad's stringent standards or else they are immediately cut from the alliance.

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Today, China still does face impeding factors for prospective tourists and tour companies. Controversial political issues to the perception of declining air quality are proving to be deciding circumstances and are affecting the market. However, is dedicated and promises to be a game changer in this multi-billion dollar market.