Experience the Unique & Interesting Ancient Marriage Customs of China

Seeing the Interesting Ancient China Marriage Customs, Knowing the Profound Chinese Culture


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/30/2014 --Up and coming tourism-based company,, is allowing travelers to China a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the ancient Chinese marriage customs on their next trip.

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In a brief summary, the traditional customs of marriage found its roots from the Zhou Dynasty and have been handed down from generation to generation since then. According to Chinese culture, the convention of marriage was always granted through both the parental and matchmaker's package of China order at their request. The belief of free love is supported, but opposition to the custom would also be at times considered rebellious and not perceived favorably.

Once decided, a proposal of marriage would be presented at the bride's home along with a betrothal of gifts to tie the acceptance of both families. Thereafter, the whole wedding ceremony and rituals are commenced from the presentation of the marriage bedding to the lavish bridal carriage. Preparation of such an event is very formal and traditional, yet very beautifully fashioned.

As the day arrives, the bride must show tears of attachment to her parents as she enters the bridal carriage. The bride enters covered in a red veil not to be uncovered until meeting the groom within the wedding room during the ceremony. The ceremony is ended with three bows and three toasts in respective to their parents, each other, and for the God. Afterwards, friends and family are found in the bridal chamber in celebration of the marriage. It is an ancient belief that the loud noise of this event would ward off evil and bring the newlywed couple good fortunes.

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