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We would like to introduce you to a lure company that takes designing high quality products to a whole new level with some of the most innovative and visually stunning lures available today. Upon taking your first cast, we think you’ll agree.


Palatine, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/01/2015 --Molix was established in Molinella, Bologna (Italy) in 1994 with one goal in mind - to create some of the finest fishing lures available and sell them all around the world. Since then, Molix has done just that by becoming one of the top lure manufacturer in all of Europe. They sell to countries all around the world; Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and the U.S. just to name a few. While attending trade shows in these countries, Molix has won multiple awards for their innovative designs.

Since Molix has friends all over the world including U.S Bassmaster pro's like Mike Iaconelli, they're able to receive input from everybody and work together in Italy to develop lures like the Molix SuperNato and Molix VS Crank 200 that are trend setting. Team up the Italian exclusive design with top manufacturers using the highest grade machinery, molds and materials and you have some of the best tackle available today. is the only full stocking retailer of Molix in USA, the high-end fishing equipment brand well known by anglers around the world as a leading company with top quality products. The partnership between Molix and brings to the online audience, the whole line of Molix USA products at your fingertips.

"Sometimes the products are the result of inputs that we receive by our followers around the world. The insight becomes an idea that develops with Molix's characteristic Italian style of the products. The idea is shaped and evolved into a project, with the flow of skills and expertise coming from people who collaborate with Molix in different part of the planet." ( Molix Official Website).

With a product line that is as extensive as Molix, it's no wonder that they grew to the top. We have available a full line of plastics to suit almost any situation from dark river water to deep clear reservoirs. Many models are technique specific and have certain built in actions when rigged a certain way, as well as many that can be versatile so the fisherman can change his presentation when fishing gets tough. Molix rounds out their selection with a very unique take on hard baits. Their line of crank baits have other manufacturers scratching their heads wondering "how did they do that?" Molix is definitely on top of their game and have been showing it by introducing up to 15 different lures each year for the past few years now!

The product will grab your attention through emotional colors as well. You will immediately understand that these objects, so simple yet perfect, have been thought by fishermen for fishermen. They've been made for you, either you use them on a trip to an exotic place or take them walking distance from your house. The place is not important, but the very emotion of that unforgettable moment is what memories are made from.

" sells online and in store the entire line of Molix USA products that consist of soft and hybrid baits, hard baits, wire baits and jigs all of them designed to increase your catch rate and transform your fishing experience. Among the huge variety of Molix lures that we have available for purchase at "FishinGurus.comTM our clients, experts and passionate weekend anglers alike, already have a few preferred lures that are now on our store's list of best selling Molix lures: the Cursor Hard, Lover special vibration jig, Lover Buzz, the Water Slash, VS Crank 200(vario), RA Shad swim bait, FS spinner bait, Shaman, Sator worm, Supernato and Sculpo SS.

Being the online version of an already well-known Anglers International Resources fishing store in the North-West suburbs of Chicago, is a website with a wide selection of fishing equipment and accessories offering everything from simple everyday bobbers to the hard to find tackle for bass, musky, walleye, carp, salmon, pan fish and much, much more. The section of "Used Items" helps the angler who wants to replace his favorite old reel or collectors looking for "yesterday's" models. If you are a retailer and want to purchase for resale, check out the "Wholesale" department. has everything that an angler could use when headed out for a day of fishing.

" is my dream store, but real! I save time and money by not driving all the way to the store. I can find everything I need for my carp fishing trips and I can order online, sometimes with free shipping. Plus, the products they have for sale are made by known, name brands so I know I am buying the right stuff", says a client of