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Pinson Optometrist Treats Computer Vision Syndrome

Pinson, Alabama optometrist Dr. Irwin Fingerman treats Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) for those spending hours at a computer screen


Pinson, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2014 --Pinson, Alabama optometrist Dr. Irwin Fingerman of Dr. Optical eye care treats Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition of pain, soreness, eye fatigue and dryness that results from hours spent staring into a computer screen. Millions of people who work at a computer suffer from CVS symptoms without realizing why their eyes are sore, they can't focus, or are experiencing headaches and dizziness after long hours at the desk. According to the American Optometric Association, computer eye strain affects over 70% of the 143 million Americans who work at a computer on a daily basis. It is known that prolonged periods of screen time put unnatural strain on the eyes, often causing eye fatigue, discomfort, or other symptoms associated with CVS.

Unlike printed letters in a newspaper or book, characters on a computer screen can fade and diminish at the edges, making them less clearly defined. After a few hours of computer use, the eyes will involuntarily drift toward a comfortable resting point, causing eye muscles to continually flex to maintain focus on the screen in view. This results in undue stress on the muscles around the eye and the eyes' lenses. Additionally, computer screen glare and screen reflections from the surrounding environment also interfere with the eyes' ability to focus. These disruptions force the eyes to work even harder to maintain constant focus. Incorrect positioning of the computer monitor exacerbates the problem. If a monitor is placed too high, the eyes tend to stay wide open, blinking less and becoming easily dry and irritated. Having an improperly placed monitor forces an unnatural sitting position, encouraging poor posture which causes headaches and neck and back pain.

Fortunately Dr. Fingerman can treat Computer Vision Syndrome's short-term symptoms. Currently, no evidence suggests long-term computer usage leads to permanent damage. Symptoms range from eye strain and fatigue, blurred or double vision, painful squinting, dry and irritated eyes, difficulty focusing, neck and back pain and recurrent headaches. Fight these conditions by adjusting computer monitors to stand 20" to 26" away, low enough that eyes focus 4" to 8" above the center of the monitor. Dr. Fingerman may prescribe a pair of eyeglasses designed specifically for computer screen use, which helps the eyes retain focus and avoid straining. Reduce the amount of environmental light that reflects off the screen, use lubricating eye drops, and give the eyes a break every 20 to 60 minutes to further aid in alleviating CVS symptoms.

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