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Exit-Cube (Hong Kong) Ltd Launches Thymewarp Cloud Services

First in Hong Kong, in Japan and then in USA.


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2014 --Exit-Cube (Hong Kong) Ltd. today introduced a new cloud service called The ThymeWarp Telecommunication Service in Hong Kong, which will target consumers regardless of where they are, who seek a more personalized social media network, a place they can design themselves which is exclusive from outsiders. A place where they can go without actually being there and meet those they choose to spend time with without actually being in the same place. More importantly, experience a free virtual place to gather and stay connected throughout the day.

Since 1892 when Alexander Graham Bell inaugurated the first New York to Chicago Telephone line, 18 years after inventing the telephone, July of 1874 at his parent's home, he actually had no idea of its evolution today, but after more than a century later his "walkie-talkie" concept, still exists as the central model for communication. ThymeWarp challenges this model by providing delayed connections with other parties anywhere over the world using wifi for free. Exit-Cube will begin testing this new model using a selection of options offered by just a few clicks on applications already familiar on any smartphone. This ThymeWarp online telecommunication cloud offers a variety of options such as routing your video conversations only to members of your society providing three current routing options, single receiver, multicast (selective broadcast), and broadcast."We are thrilled to bring an alternative to an old paradigm 'the walkie-talkie' communication," said Ernst Carter,Exit-Cube (Hong Kong) Ltd. Director. "With personalized society groups, self-assemblies of free space to meet up,
the ThymeWarp will be a great destination for our clients to exchange moments, memories and have business meetings in delayed time fashion throughout their busy days and on weekends." ThymeWarp may become the predecessor to real cyber-Cafes, cafes in cyberspace where people gather to discuss social and business topics in "CyberThyme".

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Ernst Benjamin Carter, please call Mr. Roberto Figueroa at 415-933-1026, email the Company at, or visit

Ernst B. Carter, former aerospace engineer/analyst, now an innovator accredited with 8 patents throughout the world: (3) in the USA, (1) in Canada, (2) in Japan, (1) in Israel, and (1) in China and pending applications in seven countries. Entrepreneur of four companies in three countries.

About Exit-Cube, Inc.
Exit-Cube, Inc. Is a specialized technology patent Holding Company, Exit-Cube (Hong Kong) Ltd. is A Technology Licensing Company and Exit-Cube Japan Company Ltd. A Technology Licensing Company. Exit-Cubes specialize in advance technology patents only, a small but specialize niche of the global technology market in general. Patents pending in eight countries globally, as many as 19 patents resulting from only three applications, the companies focus on technology of security, authentication and advancements in high performance computing.