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Version3, Inc. Announces New Access Control Edition


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2006 -- Version3, Inc., ( developer of Version3 Simple Sign-On, today announced the Spring 2006 availability of Version3 Access Control Edition v2.5─a new, comprehensive feature set that allows organizations to better manage access to applications and the individuals that use them.

Version3 Simple Sign-On is the only fully integrated Active Directory "access" and "identity" management product on the market today. Meeting the most basic access management needs in the Access Control Edition to incorporating both WEB SSO and Enterprise (Desktop) SSO in the Web and Enterprise Editions. This gives your users seamless and secure access to run their Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft SharePoint Product and Technologies applications without compromising security by having to remember or separately track their user IDs and passwords. Finally, if you need manage your identities on your IIS server farms, the Enhanced Authentication Edition can do that as well.

"Our new Simple Sign-On Access Control Edition is designed to help companies control access to specific resources and applications while increasing security, cutting costs and improving efficiency through our application access management suite,” said Andy Sakalian, President, Version3, Inc.

Version3 Simple Sign-On Access Control Edition is a boutique access management application comprised of four key components and tools:

•Connection Management
The Connection Management component of Simple Sign-On Access Control allows the administrator the ability to control and manage connections to server file and printer shares from within the Active Directory Users and Computers Console. SSO Connections are supported within workstation and user objects as well as Connection and Application groups within Active Directory.

•Application Publishing
Application Publishing gives the administrator of an Active Directory network the ability to build custom icons and shortcuts. Supports building custom menus, customizing web favorites, as well as controlling launch processes with pre-and post-launch macros.

•Macro and Scripting Tools
Simple Sign-On Access Control provides a robust macro and scripting environment utilizing powerful scripting engines such as VBScript, VB.Net, Jscript, Jscript.Net, Auto-It, HTML, XLM, and others. All macros and scripts are stored within Active Directory eliminating the typical text based scripting environment. Macros are all stored within Active Directory groups and granted access to based on group memberships. You can easily replace your standard logon script with a Simple Sign-On based script and increase security and performance at the same time.

•Shared and Common Credentials
Access Control has the ability to dynamically switch credentials using Simple Sign-On Common and Shared credentials provided by Simple Sign-On when performing tasks on client workstations. This allows the network administrator to seamlessly perform task on client computers that require administrative rights without user intervention.

Pricing, Availability and Requirements
New users can purchase Version3 Access Control Edition on a per user basis or contact Version3 for enterprise pricing. The product is available through authorized dealers and Version3.

About Version3
Founded in 2002, Version3 develops software products and services that facilitate and secure business by managing the private and reliable exchange of user credentials and information. Version3 Simple Sign-On application access management solution works with virtually any Windows or Web application to deliver true single sign-on.