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Paper Has Won the 'Go Paperless' Battle Says New Company ChartaCloud

Company Announces Deployments at Apex Healthcare Services and The Generator Connection


Exeter, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2015 --ChartaCloud Technologies, LLC ("ChartaCloud") today announced the launch of its new cloud-based ecosystem dedicated to business forms processing and automation. This ecosystem is designed to enable businesses to adopt end-to-end solutions that accelerate the collection of business-critical information from remote workers and customers, eliminating the need for manual data entry from forms and to transition to 'paper lite' business operations. ChartaCloud's mission is to "bring the best of paper to the digital age" using an integrated suite of technologies designed to let companies use paper when and where they want or need it and have instant access to digital versions of paper documents when they want to save time and money.

ChartaCloud enables businesses to leverage existing investments in their 'tried and true' paper forms and paper-driven processes. The ChartaCloud platform delivers: 'smart' paper-based forms that interact with digital pens, handwritten data extraction, tablet and mobile forms processing, task and dispatch management, customizable workflow systems, document collaboration systems, and integration with popular line of business software applications such as QuickBooks, Sage, and many others. The Company's solutions enhance operational speed and performance, improve cash collection, ensure adherence to proscribed business processes, and reduce expenses while increasing accuracy and competitiveness in a mobile, digital and collaborative age.

"ChartaCloud is about leveraging the best attributes of paper, digital technologies, and advances in cloud computing to create a significantly more productive cohabitation of paper and digital technologies. It is no longer just about eliminating paper. With ChartaCloud, companies avoid the business impact of IT development, deployment, and the re-training costs required to chase the idea of going 'totally paperless'. The more productive path is for businesses to advance the effective use of existing paper forms and documents into the digital age, and yes, eliminate the waste that surrounds the unnecessary or poorly managed use of paper," said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director, ChartaCloud. "Our customers have the ability to use, capture, process, manage, and access paper forms electronically and to move forms securely through their proven business processes. Companies want to share form documents and the data they contain easily, instantly, and perform completion and compliance auditing. We provide companies with the ability to extract the data that is now hidden as 'dark content' on paper forms for business analytics and send that data into existing business applications automatically – without manual data entry or scanning. Companies can now turn to paper only when and where it is needed. With ChartaCloud, businesses can build upon what works for them and not radically replace it," Schimmel added.

The Company noted that the landscape is full of siloed, piecemeal technologies and that many business owners do not have the time, skills and expertise to sort through it all, put it together, and work themselves through to a successful cost-effective implementation.

"Companies today are also grappling with growing regulations and documentation compliance concerns. They are aware of the business efficiencies to be gained through mobile technologies and 'anytime, anywhere' operations. Our company was designed to bring 'best of breed' technology solutions that enable companies in many different verticals ranging from healthcare to field services to optimize their use of technology to attain their goals in short order," continued Schimmel.

"APEX Healthcare has always been about providing the very best in home health care services. The use of advanced technology has played a significant role in our ability to do so. ChartaCloud has been more than instrumental as a solution provider and partner that enabled us to move to the next level of care and service for our clients while sustaining HIPPA regulatory compliance," said Cheryl Rumley, CEO, of APEX Healthcare Services, Inc.

"The Generator Connection had been searching for a solution to our forms processing vision, one that we felt would best meet our needs and budget. When we began working with ChartaCloud, we not only rapidly created what we were seeking but we found a supportive partner deeply committed to be engaged with us every step of the way and that was refreshing. Within a matter of just a couple of weeks after implementing the services of ChartaCloud, we have been able to streamline a number of our processes and techniques," said Ryan Noyes, Service Manager at The Generator Connection.

ChartaCloud delivers a full service approach to help each client attain maximum efficiencies and cost reduction surrounding their current form-driven business processes. ChartaCloud consults with each of its customers to understand their forms, business model and day-to-day operations in order to determine the ideal solution that will not only serve their present needs but provide a foundation for continued growth, innovation and success in the future.

"With ChartaCloud, our customers need only define the 'what'. We do the 'how'. These are the drivers that gave rise to ChartaCloud," Schimmel concluded.

About ChartaCloud
ChartaCloud Technologies LLC is located in Exeter, NH. Our mission is to be the 'bridge between the paper and digital worlds'. With more than 25 years of experience in forms automation and processing as a services company, we specialize in providing end-to-end, full service solutions that bring the 'best of paper to the digital era'. Our modForm and Formulation Design platforms enable our customers to define the 'What'. We do the 'How'.

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About Apex Healthcare Services, Inc.
Apex Healthcare Services, Inc. is a Springfield-based home care agency focused on services that meet the legal-technical definition of non-medical, including home care services such as personal care, light housekeeping, prescription pick pick-up, grocery shopping, and hospital-to-home transitioning. Apex is an award winning business having won the Governor's Commission Exemplary Employer Award, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Vendor of the Year Award, and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce Super 60 Award.

About The Generator Connection
The Generator Connection, Inc. is headquartered in Barrington, NH. The Generator Connection provides complete generator solutions including sizing the generator, delivery, complete installation by licensed electricians, obtaining necessary permits, preventative maintenance, 24/7 emergency repair service, replacement parts and accessories.

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