PUB HTML5 Flipbook Maker Introduces Google AdSense Integration to Digital Magazines

Digital publishers can now make extra profits from their HTML5 online flip books with the Google AdSense feature.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2015 --PUB HTML5, one of the top 3 affordable flipbook makers, is excited to announce the introduction of Google AdSense integration to popular digital magazines, a special new service offering directed to Gold plan members and above. The company is also glad to provide newbie with the best way to create HTML5 online flip books.

There are several benefits to be had by digital publishers being able to integrate Google AdSense into their digital magazines. For instance, now they can make extra bonuses by integrating Google Ads, a great advantage for those popular publishers with huge readerships, although small businesses and individuals may also make full use of this feature, allowing them to increase their profit margins. Small businesses and individuals will also be able to expand their influence by sharing their magazine on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or being able to embed it into their blog and website.

Another way to capitalize on using this integration is businesses being able to add their own Google Ads into their company brochures, product catalogs, and newsletters thus increasing the visibility of their Google Ads with the PUB HTML5 software.

Google Adsense is a great way for businesses to make money online. The program is easily customized allowing many options for types of advertisements, sizes, and placements. It uses the Google network, allows for custom optimization and reporting and allows business the ability to contextually target their advertising which all adds up to amazing payouts. The PUB HTML5 software allows a business to expand on these possibilities even further through maximization of distribution channels.

PUB HTML5 Google AdSense Integration is easy to use, taking only 4 steps to complete the publishing process. After logging in and uploading the magazine, one just customizes the Google AdSense settings. The width, height and position of the Google AdSense area all have the ability to be user defined. One of the leading technology providers of HTML5 digital publishing software solutions, PUB HTML5 is digital publishing software that allows anyone to convert any variation of printed material into a unique digital publication.

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