Visibility Corporation Automates Compliance and Mitigates Risk


Wilmington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2006 -- The development process enabled Visibility to design several capabilities into that specifically help manufacturers address important integrated capabilities.

• Workflow – escalation procedures and multi-level sign offs are routine yet require systematic approaches to insure formal compliance. Features in this area allow unlimited conditions to be checked, tested and directed appropriately based on passed or failed conditions. This is extremely important with all financial transactions but by no means is limited to the financial applications. The workflow capabilities are available on each and every transaction giving customers complete flexibility executed as their specific business requires.
• Security – all data is contained within the system in a manner that effectively secures all data to the field level.
• Distribution & Scheduling engine – the system has a tightly integrated reporting and inquiry capability that also facilitates the delivery of one or more reports, inquiries or forms and also has a calendar facility to automate the delivery time and frequency. This function is heavily utilized within the workflow engine.
• Data Accessibility – gaining access to data is important for decision making and is important to control based on security rights of employees to view. The architecture gives clients complete control to drill down into detailed information as well as assigning who has the rights to see data and at what level of detail.
• Transactional audit trail – every transaction is stamped so that total audit ability of every transaction is captured. Time, date, user and transaction are all recorded.

The need to mitigate risk has never been more visible. There are many approaches to executing better controls and many are bolt on approaches.

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Jaclyn Aldrich