Digital Catalog Software by PUB HTML5 Launched Some Product Catalogs Demos for Users

The new page flip product catalogs examples reveal the powerful features of HTML5 digital catalog software. One can get more details by visiting


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2015 --The leading provider of digital catalog software - PUB HTML5 has added a new array of interactive case studies to its website. These offer unique knowledge to its users on the wide range of interactive and animated effects that the PUB HTML5 digital publishing platform has.

PUB HTML5 page flip product catalog had captured many hearts over the past couple of years due to its extraordinary and user-friendly features. Anyone with flair and creativity could create high quality digital catalogs that engage hundreds or thousands of potential clients.

Page flip product catalog created using the PUB HTML5 platform have unparallel advantages when compared with an ordinary product catalog. Conventional printed catalogs are always full of lifeless static images and boring product titles. After a few flips and glances, readers usually discard the catalog, which is a huge waste of money and time. Unlike in the above scenario, when a customer comes across a PUB HTML5 online catalog, he or she is bound to browse through all the vivid and animated pages where each is more attractive than that of the previous. The high-end shopping catalogs offer more exquisite, informative and remarkable experience to the viewers.

The Case Study section on PUB HTML5 official website provides amateur publishers and entrepreneurs with a broad wealth of knowledge on the creative page turning features that one can include in a digital catalog. The series of exemplary case studies guide the newbie in how one can provide the prospective customer base with a clear introduction of his or her product catalog. Once browse through the animation-rich case studies, creators are equipped with the necessary knowledge about vital segments within a catalog, such as an catchy overview, important details and specifications, dynamic effects, purchase channels, etc.

All new start-ups, established business owners, marketing personnel, and everybody else who have a keen interest in learning to create unique, interactive page flip catalogs for ecommerce can now refer to the classic series of new digital catalog case studies that available on the PUB HTML5 official website at: