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Oil Terroirs of West Africa and the South American Conjugate Basins

Oil terroirs of West Africa and the South American conjugate basins by Craig Schiefelbein, Geochemical Solutions; William Dickson, DIGs; Jim Brooks, TDI-Brooks and John Zumberge, Geomark Research at the Dallas Geological Society


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2015 --William Dickson, CEO of Dickson International Geosciences, Inc. to attend the Dallas Geological Society monthly International Group Dinner Meeting, Wednesday January 21, 2015 at Brookhaven Country Club in North Dallas, 3333 Golfing Green Dr., Farmers Branch, 75234. William Dickson and co-author Craig Schiefelbein will present their talk "Oil terroirs of West Africa and the South American conjugate basins."

William Dickson began his career working the frontier basins of Canada's margins. A continued thread of international new venture work on six continents connects his time with significant and independent oilcos through the 1998 founding of his consultancy DIGs (Dickson International Geosciences, Inc.). He has authored and contributed to numerous papers on aspects of South Atlantic and SE Asian geology. He continues to develop multi-disciplinary E&P evaluations with contributions from a range of associated companies specializing in geochemistry, structural geology, potential fields, remote sensing and seismic interpretation.

Craig Schiefelbein through his work as a geochemist at Cities Service and Conoco and then a series of geochemical service companies, has gained familiarity with more than 5000 oil samples from around the globe. Co-founder of Geochemical Solutions International (GSI) in 1998, he has developed a range of basin studies based on oils and related geochemical data points from the entire Brazilian margin. GSI provides interpretation QC; proprietary interpretation services; laboratory and acquisition oversight; and contributes to non-exclusive studies by related service companies.

Since 2001, DIGs and GSI have cooperated in the construction of multi-disciplinary super-regional basin studies of Southeast Asia (SEATIGER) and the Atlantic margins (MARIMBA, CARUMBA). Their 2005 AAPG Calgary poster demonstrated evidence in Brazil's Santos Basin for a massively effective pre-salt lacustrine source. Subsequent studies infill and extend their correlations of both pre- and post-salt plays across the South Atlantic margins. For their Dallas Geological Society presentation, they have updated a talk from the 2014 HGS/PESGB Africa conference, "Oil terroirs of West Africa and the South American conjugate basins."

For an abstract and more about the talk, email us at info@digsgeo.com

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