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The Baby Sleep Site Launches Groundbreaking Online Sleep Product

New Express Sleep Plan™ gives parents immediate access to customized sleep help.


Columbus, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2015 --The Baby Sleep Site, the web's leading resource for exhausted parents of sleepless babies and toddlers, is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary new product: The Express Sleep Plan™. The product now offers a completely new approach to sleep coaching, giving parents access to their own, customized sleep coaching plan by simply completing an online survey developed based on the extensive experience of The Baby Sleep Site's sleep team.

"This is huge," says Nicole Johnson, Founder and Lead Sleep Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site. "For years now, we have offered personalized sleep coaching plans, created by hand by our team of sleep consultants, but there is obviously some wait-time and cost involved in developing them." That wait is over. Thanks to the new Express Sleep Plan™ parents can literally purchase their plan at 2 a.m. and have it in their hands within minutes.

And having a customized, tailored plan can make all the difference. "There are thousands of baby sleep books out there today - we sell a few ourselves! But as our clients can attest, having an actual plan of action, that's tailored to your unique situation and your unique child, makes all the difference when you are sleep coaching." For years, this is what's made The Baby Sleep Site's personalized consulting services so popular - and it's the reason why The Express Sleep Plan™ is expected to be incredibly successful.

"Exhausted parents don't want to wade through stacks of book," explains Johnson. "And even if they can summon the energy to do so, many of them are still confused as to how to turn that information into an actionable plan. That's where we come in." And now, thanks to The Express Sleep Plan™, the process of getting a sleep-coaching plan is easier than ever.

As a fully automated tool, the Express Sleep Plan™ also comes at a lower price point than any other personalized sleep help. This means that virtually ALL parents, regardless of income, now have access to customized sleep coaching help. "That was vital to me, in designing this new program," emphasizes Johnson. "So many sleep consulting programs are cost-prohibitive; my team and I felt it was vital that we offer customized help at a price that just about everyone can afford."

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Since its inception in 2008, The Baby Sleep Site has grown to become the web's leading resource for exhausted parents of sleepless babies and toddlers. The Baby Sleep Site offers a wide variety of both free and paid resources, making it a popular source of information for parents from around the world. The Baby Sleep Site enjoys over 600,000 visitors and over 1 million page views each month.

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Nicole Johnson is the President of The Baby Sleep Site®, which was founded in 2008. She began her journey to help moms cope with their babies' sleep schedule by leading an internet-based message board. Her goal was for new parents to overcome their own sleeping challenges much quicker than she had. Following that, she created The Baby Sleep Site® ( and expanded her offerings to include e-books, articles, a blog, and customized sleep consulting. The feedback from around the world has been incredible. The Baby Sleep Site® has personally helped over 13,000 families overcome their babies' sleep challenges. Nicole and her team offer professional, sound support that works.

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