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Infogain announces launch of Info ART (Innovative Automated Software Regression Testing) Solution Reducing Web Application's Time to Market and Costs


Los Gatos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2006 -- Infogain, a leader in customer knowledge solutions, software development, product engineering, IT consulting, and integration today announced Info ART (Automated Regression Testing), the first continuous regression testing solution that automates testing of Web-enabled software applications without writing a single line of code.

New Info ART (Automated Regression Testing) enables web-based software application developers to deliver higher quality, multi-platform products faster without specialized testing staff.

Infogain's Automated Regression Testing Solution (Info ART) is a turnkey web software application testing solution with four unique components:

1. A proprietary framework that enables keyword-based (rather than script-based) software testing
2. An automation suite that has a close correspondence to the manual test suite and therefore is easy to change and maintain
3. A proprietary continuous process to easily and automatically include testing of new and enhanced functionality and to eliminate obsolete old functionality
4. Formal configuration management to maintain the regression test suite with the same level of discipline as is maintained with product code development

Info ART is built on a foundation of inexpensive software components that has made it easier, faster, and cheaper than ever for a small group of developers to bring a blockbuster web-based software idea to market." said Glenn Gramling, Senior VP Sales and Marketing for Infogain." "However, there is a big difference between an initial product and a sustainable business. To turn a good idea into a good company, developers have to deliver software that works for customers both initially and over time as the idea evolves. Testing becomes a bottleneck for these companies with scarce developer resources. That is what Infogain ART is all about. It is both a technology and a proven process that aligns with Info ART: high quality, high speed, low cost, easy to implement, easy to change, flexible and most importantly, high-leverage."

Software application companies are constantly faced with the following software testing problems:

* It is performed at the end of the development cycle and is squeezed by stringent release dates
* Software must often be released with bugs that were detected late in the testing cycle
* The testing cycle is long as an automated regression test suite is either not available or was not maintained properly and is difficult or impossible to use
* Testing on tier II and tier III platforms adds tremendous time and complexity and is therefore delayed, resulting in additional platform releases 3 to 6 months after the initial release
* Developer resources are scarce, and are most profitably deployed (and happier) creating new and improved functionality rather than creating test code

While excellent script-based regression test tools such as WinRunner, Silk, and eTester have done much to ease initial code testing requirements, they fall short in the real world where code is in a constant state of change as ongoing script changes require the same skill level as the development of the software itself.

Infogain's ART solution creates a different, keyword-based metaphor for updating and maintaining regression test code which makes it possible for non-programmers to keep the sophisticated regression suite up to date on a continuous basis. This automated continuous regression testing increases software quality on every release, reduces time to market for both defect fixes and new or modified functionality, and enables multi-platform releases to happen almost simultaneously.

Additionally, Infogain's dual-shore outsourcing model with 9 of 10 technical resources located in India makes continuous regression testing's quality and time to market benefits not only possible, but affordable for both large and small application software companies.

Infogain's Info ART solution is designed to improve the software application test process for all companies who currently conduct script-based testing of web sites or web-based software applications. The Info ART automated regression-base software testing solution is available immediately.

Details of this advanced software testing solution can be found at

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