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Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2015 --Sound Chick Accessories is a renowned accessories brand that specializes primarily in high-quality, innovative and feathered pieces. These couture accessories are very versatile and can be easily matched with just about any outfit: from feather earrings to feathered bow ties and other high-end fashionable jewelry pieces, Sound Chick sells a wide array of affordable, trendy and stylish accessories, designed for all those who want to keep up with the trends. Timeless, durable and unique, the Sound Chick Accessories are the perfect choice for those who want to stand out, regardless of whether they prefer casual or formal wear, as these statement accessories will add style, class and value to almost every outfit.

Sound Chick Accessories Featured In Lucky Mag And Other Reputable Magazines

One of the reasons why the popularity of the Sound Chick Accessories has increased lately was because these original statement accessories were featured in some of the most appreciated fashion magazines. Having said that, the bow ties are particularly appreciated, as they can be easily matched with suits, shirts or blouses - the feather bow ties are certainly a great choice for every formal event, including New Year's parties or Christmas parties. The Sound Chick Accessories recently appeared in the Lucky Mag magazines.

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In addition to the Lucky Mag, the Sound Chick Accessories were also featured in other lifestyle and fashion magazines, including the True Star Magazine, Clutch Magazine, Racked Chicago, Chicago Magazine Online, Fox News Chicago, The Examiner, UR Chicago Magazine or BETJ. The accessories briefly appeared on TV one as well.

This past fall SoundChick Accessories was a featured designer during Bloggers Love Fashion Week in Central London and London Fashion Week events.

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Sound Chick Accessories - An Emerging Brand

Samantha Barrett-Rogers is the proud owner and designer of Sound Chick Accessories, and she is known to be highly attentive to the smallest details. Skilled, talented and constantly trying to improve her design skills, Samantha always takes the time to create high-quality bow ties, earrings and other feathered accessories for daring women who are not afraid to make a statement through their accessories. Samantha Barrett-Rogers discovered that she has a talent for jewelry design accidentally while living in Brooklyn, and since then she has been constantly investing her time, money, vision and creativity into these unique accessories.

Samantha Barrett-Rogers style is not limited to creating innovative accessories - she is also an entrepreneur and a visionary who founded the "Project Accessories" program with "After School Matters", where those who want to get started in the fashion industry can learn useful tips and hints on how to manage their start-up, and where they can also receive professional, tailored advice that will certainly help them in the long run. At Project Accessories, Samantha not only teaches students the wonderful art of making and designing jewelry, but she also teaches them how to manage and market their business in a professional, cost-effective and efficient manner. She is available for workshops, individual and group classes as well as for jewelry parties for adults and youth.

About Sound Chick Accessories
Sound Chick Accessories is undoubtedly an emerging brand in the fashion industry, and these feathered pieces have quickly become very appreciated - so appreciated that they were repeatedly featured in various venues and magazines. For instance, the Sound Chick Accessories can be found in Made In Chicago By AIBI Store, in the Illinois Artisan Shops in Chicago, Springfield and Southern Illinois, as well as the Gen Art Shop, the Chicago Indie Designer Market, The Silver room and even in Kingston, Jamaica where Samantha sells her unique and carefully crafted feathered accessories at the Stanley and Empress Boutique.

Feathered Bow Ties By Sound Chick

The bow ties made of fine feathers of the highest quality are undoubtedly the stars of Sound Chick Accessories. Not only do these exclusive bow ties stand out through their unique and futuristic design that will help anybody look their best, but also through the quality and the texture of the feathers, which can be either painted or natural. Most of the bow ties are made from painted feathers, which have been carefully processed in order to increase their lifespan and their durability, as well as for ensuring their quality in the long run.

These crafty bow ties require minimal maintenance - given the fact that feathers contain a compound known as Keratin (which is also found in human hair), they require some basic cleaning every now and then, as they are prone to damage by moths and other bugs. However, everybody can easily care for the feather bow ties as they should be treated and protected the same way as natural wool.

That being said, there are two types of feathers that are used for making the much-appreciated Sound Chick accessories: the contour feathers and the down feathers. The contour feathers are commonly used for making the exclusive Sound Chick bow ties are hollow, very lightweight and truly beautiful, given the fact that the central shaft radiates out the vane of the feather. On the other hand, some of the bow ties are made from down feathers, which are the best choice for those who are looking for casual bow ties, with a slightly loose appearance.

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