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VeriShow Provides Car Dealerships an Easy Experience when Purchasing a Car

See VeriShow at the North American International Auto Show Technology Showcase January 12-15, 2015


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2015 --Verishow is a live support and collaboration platform, which, according HBR Labs CEO Yuval Moed, is designed to meet the needs of the new emerging customer who want to interact in person with agents. Essentially, the program is made to enhance customer service. Car dealership representatives are looking to engage customers as soon as they get to their website and VeriShow's platform can help engage personal sales with this new technology.

Purchasing a car should be like purchasing anything else, according to Yuval Moed, who says the internet should be able to play a role. Verishow, a company based in Farmington Hills, MI with research firms in Israel, came up with a web-based program to allow customers to interact more intimately with sales people.

VeriShow provides dealerships with the ability to instantly engage clients online, in person, via text chat, video chat, phone and then browse their own web site or others industry related sites with them as well as review and fill-in applications while interacting online. There is no other way to provide better personal service online.

Verishow allows you to speak face to face with a rep that can actually show you the ins and outs of a product while simultaneously showing you facts and figures about the product on an adjacent window. VeriShow is a "MAYDAY "solution for any website. The solution fits almost any line of business. Any company that wants to differentiate itself by providing better customer service can benefit from using VeriShow. Verishow also uses a consumer-friendly system that displays various independent applications to assist the customer in the chat.

"When you shop for a car, you first go online and do all your research," he said. "You don't walk into a dealership before you have done some research at home," states Moed. "The system could take a customer all the way through the purchase of a vehicle, all the way to collecting information from the consumer if they've made a selection, Moed said.

Verishow works on all types of computers and mobile collaboration from its Android app. As to whether video chat could ever replace the need for face-to-face meetings, Moed said: "We don't envision a situation when we would be replacing real life. We are just creating more opportunities to be more efficient. We want customers to be able to make more educated decisions." VeriShow accomplishes three goals by personalizing your service and improving customer satisfaction by using video chat, co-browsing and content sharing on your site to increase conversions and improve sales.

This human engagement solution online customers can get real time personal live assistant from representatives through VIDEO CHAT, CO-BROWSING and CONTENT SHARING. If thinking about providing personalize customer service capabilities using Video Chat, Co-Browsing, Real time Content Share (documents, video clips, images), in real-time, Saas, Operates on any OS and any browser, mobile capabilities, no download, and no installation contact

"It was tested in several area dealerships, and received a strong response," Moed said. "Since opening his booth at the auto show, he said there have been several car dealerships expressing interest in using the software. "

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The VeriShow team is led by CEO Yuval Moed, with support from a number of Michigan- based private investment groups including Lis Ventures and Gal-Mar. The company's R&D facilities are located in Haifa, Israel; its corporate headquarters are located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. For publication purposes

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