Neodymium Energy

Neodymium Energy LLC. Expands Alternative Energy Technology Pipeline

Inventor Think Tank Drives the Green Energy Revolution; Poised to Disrupt Global Markets


Mellville, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2015 --Neodymium Energy LLC., a think tank comprised of inventors and visionaries dedicated to bringing energy solutions to the world in various technology sectors, continues to increase its pipeline of alternative energy intellectual property. The company facilitates the development and commercialization of disruptive, green technologies. New additions to the group's IP portfolio include a Micro Solar Power plant for the home and its smaller cousin the desk charger.

"If you thought the green revolution was coming to end, think again," said Jeffery Greco, spokesperson for Neodymium Energy. "Inventors are a unique group of individuals whose imaginations inspire the technology-driven world we live in today. The company is in a unique position at the moment. Neodymium Energy is harnessing the brilliant minds of today's inventors to keep the green energy revolution going, with the strong belief that alternative energy will forever play a role, and one day lead in powering our future. The green energy revolution is far from over, and we have unique alternative energy discoveries and applications the world is going to need."

Neodymium Energy's intellectual property pipeline consists of products that use unique methods to charge and keep modern hybrid technology running by blending them with new emerging technologies. The company sees its biggest potential impact on alternative energy in the form of hybrid technology that combines solar and wind with new, emerging technologies. For example, the company's Micro Solar Electric power plant uses solar, magnetic technology with storage, to power a home for up to 24 hours a day, with the ability to stay off the electrical grid depending on the electrical usage. Current solar technology depends on the sun and cannot run 24 hours a day. The micro solar power plant uses a unique Neodymium Energy company, patent number "US 12/624,806", with solar to store electricity in lithium battery banks. During the night when solar power is no longer being captured the stored energy is used in conjunction with the magnetic technology to turn a generator and power your home. The magnetic technology allows a motor driving a generator to disengage for part of a revolution allowing the magnetic technology to supplement the input during the day. By pulsing the motor the user can extend the battery storage by 50% getting very close to a 24 hour power cycle for a small to medium sized home. The home Micro Solar power station is projected by the company to put out up two hundred and fifty foot pounds of torque to produce electrical power.

To bring attention to the technology and peak corporate interest, the company is in the process of designing a small table top unit that will fit on a desk and power a cell phone. They have started a crowd funding platform to generate buzz for the new technology in the hopes that it will spark enough interest to allow for the development of the large Micro power plant for a home. "We are open to working with everyone, from corporations to Universities and they are welcome to come in and test the prototype and get involved," said Greco. The crowd funding campaign has started, with delivery of the desk unit in the fall of 2015. The company is only going to manufacture a limited amount making the desk units a collector's item.

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