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Dallas Chiropractor Helps Auto Injury Sufferers During Inclement Seasonal Weather

Dr. Mark Harris of Trinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas sees a number of patients for chiropractic treatment as road conditions worsen during winter months


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2015 --Dr. Mark Harris of Trinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas is experienced in helping car accident injury victims overcome pain symptoms with chiropractic treatment. The Trinity Mills team is experienced in providing care for the treatment of auto accident injury sufferers, offering the most comprehensive and advanced methods in pain relief and rehabilitation. Many common accident injuries can be treated with chiropractic adjustments and therapies with positive, long-term results. As driving conditions worsen, accidents and injuries increase, and those suffering injury pain are either referred to chiropractic doctors or pursue this treatment of their own accord. Dr. Harris and the gifted staff at Trinity Mills use spinal adjustment treatments that relieve pain and improve quality of life in the process. Care is delivered via a combination of spinal adjustment techniques, the Palmer Package Technique, the Diversified Technique, the Pettibon technique, the Thompson Drop Table Technique, the Activator Technique and further extremity adjusting.

These techniques are effective at treating common injuries such as whiplash, as well as other less-evident injuries that arise after car accidents, with symptoms arising sometimes years after the event. Most injuries occur in the neck and back, but may involve the limbs and extremities. All injuries, regardless of immediate severity, can negatively impact quality of life and have the potential to become permanent conditions if not addressed with the proper, recommended medical treatment. Neck and head injuries, such as whiplash, involve soft tissue damage in the neck and can extend to the temporal-mandibular joint, causing pain and dysfunction in that area as well. This is a result of the sudden and violent acceleration and deceleration of the head.

More severe injuries of the neck and back are possible as well. Those involving damage to the spinal cord or intervertebral discs may require surgical intervention, which can be followed up by chiropractic care and rehabilitation, even including massage therapy.

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Dr. Harris and the team at Trinity Mills can treat these and other auto accident injuries in Dallas with personal care, leading-edge technology and advanced techniques. As the winter months drag on and driving is more dangerous on crowded highways and wet or icy roads, it's important to note that defensive driving, patience and seat belts are important factors in avoiding auto accidents or lessening the possibility of severe injuries. Those who've experienced an accident should seek medical attention as soon as possible to determine if any injuries have occurred which may not be visible or readily apparent.

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