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Texas Troopers Crack Down on Dangerous Holiday Drivers


Fort Worth, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2015 --It's that time of year again – stockings are hung, the trees have been decorated, lights adorn the house, and the holiday festivities are in full swing. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, though, the roads of Texas can be a dangerous place. As people throw back the loaded eggnog and Christmas wine, the incidence of drunk drivers behind the wheel is high.

Texas Troopers Cracking Down on Holiday Driving

For the Thanksgiving weekend 2014, Texas troopers targeted drunk drivers in full force, according to a November 2014 article published in In 2013, the force made 387 driving while impaired arrests, gave out 6,848 speeding tickets, and handed out 804 citations for driving without car insurance, all over the Thanksgiving weekend. For the Christmas season 2014, the anticipated number of arrests is expected to be similar.

Troopers Patrolling During Christmas Week

Texas' Department of Public Safety has announced that for the Christmas week, its patrol will be out in full force. The police officers will of course be on the lookout for drunk drivers, but they'll also be keeping an eye out for seatbelt and speeding violations, too. The increase will be implemented starting on Christmas Eve, and will continue up through New Year's Day. The Department of Public Safety said that the number of drunk drivers normally doubles during the holiday season; during the Christmas week of 2013, Texas troopers arrested more than 900 drunk drivers.

Penalties for Drinking and Driving in Texas

Texas punishes the crime of drinking and driving harshly. For a first time offense, a person convicted of a DUI faces license suspension of up to two years (longer if an alcohol education program isn't completed), a fine of up to $500, and imprisonment. For a second or third offense, the consequences are even more severe. For a third DUI offence in Texas, a fine of up to $10,000 may be assessed, state prison time up to 10 years may be ordered, and a two year license suspension is almost always a given.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Drinking and driving isn't worth the risk or the penalties. If you are arrested and charged with driving while impaired or under the influence, though, you need to seek legal counsel immediately. Attempting to fight a DUI charge without an attorney isn't a good idea, and may result in a harsher sentence. If you've been charged with a DUI in Fort Worth, Texas, call the attorneys at The Hampton Law Firm, PLLC now. Our attorneys will make sure you get the fair representation that he law entitles you to, and will work with you to explore your defense options. To get in touch with us today, call us now at 817-877-5200.

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