Sheli Ellsworth, author

Recently Released Fresh, Funny, Informative Book About Pet Health

Includes information on traditional and homeopathic care.


Thousand Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2015 --BeachHouse Books has released a must-read for pet owners: Confessions of a Pet Au Pair: The ABCs of Pet Ailments by award-winning humorist Sheli Ellsworth and veterinarian Bill Wafer. The 39 chapter creative non-fiction paperback chronicles the experiences of a single,slightly neurotic pet sitter and her charges. Each chapter explores a different pet issue as the pet sitter tries to insure the safe and healthy return of her pet clients to their owners.

Readers learn about traditional and homeopathic treatments through the conversations with veterinarian, Dr. McKenna-a huge polka dancing, fashion challenged man who all the animals love, his Goth assistant Pam who looks a little too vampire-like for comfort, Inez the annoyed go-to vet tech neighbor as well as Barney the professional bloodhound, Pooh the slobbering cat, Chachi the allergy prone nose-licking Chihuahua and many others.Go to

Ellsworth began researching and writing about pet health after her pet pug died from an undiagnosed illness. She has written extensively for pet health web sites and this is her second book. Bill Wafer recently retired from veterinary medicine after 44 years of practice in the White Mountains of Arizona where he treated everything from hamsters to bears.

About Sheli Ellsworth
Sheli Ellsworth holds a master's degree in psychology used mainly to annoy family and friends. Her first book The Psychoanalysis of Everyday Life: Sometimes I Pee when I Laugh from BeachHouse Books (2012) is a hysterical and heartwarming observation of life. Her writing has been published in the Pacific Daily News, the Ventura County Star and the Ventura Breeze. She is an award winning short story writer. Her fiction appears the anthologies: Quintessence, Windows and Serendipity. Auto Week, BackHome, and Zone4 magazines have also published her humorous stories. She is a book critic for the Sacramento Book Review, San Francisco Book Review and the Portland Book Review.

The 242-page book has an extensive index and makes a great reference. Chapters include:

Allergies and the Itchy Chihuahua; Anal Leakage; Anemia and After Six Attire; Arthritis slows Hip Hop; Asthma in Aristocrats; Bladder Matters; Bordetella—Curse of the Gypsy; Constipation Pauses Poop; Coughing Concerns; Cushing Syndrome is Serious Stuff; Death of a Pet; Distemper Isn't an Angry Dog; Euthanasia; Eyes that Have It; Fleas—Not Only at the Market; Frothing for Better or Worse; Germs: the, Down and Dirty; Heartworm Scare at Home Front; Immunological Insults; IBD Arouses Agony; Influenza in Animals; IBS is Bothersome Stuff; Kidney Failure is Not an Option; Liver Recipe Sans Fat; Leptosporosis and the Lethal Cloud; Mange makes for Scaly Bedfellows; Obesity and the Roly Poly Pug; Psychos, Psychics and Stress; Poop—A Preponderance of the Evidence; Shaken—not furred; Skin and the Epidermal Abnormal; Teeth—an Owner's Guid;, Temperature Tells a Tale; Thyroid Disease and the Food Bowl Phenomena; Toxic Schlock and Other Poisons; Tumors and the Terrible Thought; Upper Respiratory Rottenness; Vaccines Vary by Environment; Vomiting and the Top Dog.

Confessions of a Pet Au Pair is available on amazon in paperback and ebook format. Ellsworth's first book: The Psychoanalysis of Everyday life-sometimes I pee when I laugh is also available from BeachHouse Books on amazon.