Ian Murphy Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for His Documentary the Inca Code

The last of the Peruvian Shamans show us how ancient Inca secrets can help claim our destiny and true life purpose.


Machu Picchu, Peru -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2015 --Today's low-touch, digital world has us running a million miles an hour trying to keep up with the latest gadgets, Outlook appointments and reminders, leading to cultural shifts in how we think and see our lives. As far as Ian is concerned, too many people are pressed by daily demands and risk missing out on their life's calling. For those who live a less than satisfying existence where time and money seems to define the boundaries of their reality - there may be another way. Ian Murphy feels he discovered a completely different way to measure success instead of going over the established checklist of having the right job, the perfect spouse, a large house and sufficient retirement account – not to mention keeping up with the Joneses.

Somewhere in the malaise that a lot of people feel on Monday at the start of the work week through to the midpoint known as hump day and ending on Friday (TGIF, anyone?) leading to a temporary escape during the weekend, something is too often overlooked by too many people; our own true self. Ian is convinced our true self is asking us to come out and shine before the spark inside dies or old age sets in. As we reach middle age, we contemplate our mortality and start wondering what, why and how it all came about…or what our life's purpose was, is or might still be. The midlife crisis begins along with soul searching. A haunting question that most people ask themselves is – "Did I fulfill my purpose?"

Ian Murphy's short film documents his time fully immersed with the last descendants of the Inca shaman, who purportedly hold the keys to finding our true path, and realizing our purpose & calling. Mr. Murphy spent years learning their practices leading up to a 2 week intensive visit of Peru's sacred sites and energy centers called "Huacas". Here he acquired the final pieces of the puzzle to share with anyone who yearns to know the "Secret" to fulfilling their life purpose. During his trip he filmed Shamans, mystics and travelers on their path to clarity & discovery.

Crowdfunding is sought to complete the filming through the shooting of one more segment with Jorge Delgado, the principle Shaman (author of Andean Awakening, BBC TV's "Everyman" program & Operator of Kontiki Tours, lake Titticacca), interview Q'ero mountain Shaman Rolando Soncco Apaza from Cusco Peru, and collect more complimentary imagery. Funding will also be devoted to professional editing of the final cut of this film which is sure to move viewers in powerful ways and perhaps even shift their destiny.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on January 30, 2015.

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About Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy is located in Venice Beach, CA. His first short "God's Golden Eye" tells the story of desecration of the Native American in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles ( The film has been featured at festivals including the Red Nation Film Festival and the Big Bear International Film Festival. He is 45, enjoys travel, soccer and is of British origin.

Contact Information: Email / Phone 917-916-4343