httpFusion Increases Client Business Using Eye Gaze Path Tools

Marketers and web-owners can use sophisticated tools to improve results.


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2015 --Although there are several sophisticated tools that allow marketers to zero in on specific campaign elements that are and are not working, most SEO and marketing firms are not capitalizing on them.

Ali Sadr, CEO and founder of believes that using sophisticated metrics can often save time and money.

Sadr states, "Part of the problem is that many web-based marketing companies don't even know these high-powered programs can be used for SEO. We use tools like Qualaroo, Crazyegg, Clicktale, Attention Wizard, Inspectlet and EyeQuant to get to the bottom of each element in a campaign and optimize user experience as part of SEO efforts. We can see exactly what is not working and make continued adjustments until all systems are a go."

httpFusion increased conversions for over 400 percent by using Attention Wizard to help understand visitor's "user patterns" once on the website. This program actually uses heatmaps, hotspots and eye gaze paths to see exactly where the visitor is looking on the screen. It also provides the eye movement patterns, which allowed TheStudio to detect that a typical eye pattern was in a V shape and not an F.

Sadr adds, "Once we identified the typical eye pattern for TheStudio website, we were able to place specific information in the most effective spots. It probably saved a month of trial and error using A/B testing methods. And since Google is no longer providing keyword ranking that once brought leads and business to the website, we decided to blend techniques and improve overall page performance by integrating SEO, Paid Search and Conversion."

Hotspots, eye gaze paths and heatmaps are still new to the average SEO marketing professional, but with httpFusion's overwhelming success, it is clear these tools will continue to come to the forefront, particularly for large advertisers who have big marketing budgets.

httpFusion is convinced, through experience, that the tools are perfect for those with lower budgets as they are time and money savers. In any marketing strategy there are short term and long term plans that will both bring in results. Using the proper tools in parallel with search optimization efforts helps build a sales funnel and bring traffic to the websites, simultaneously. This helps them grow the business faster and afford other long term approaches to increase sales and conversions even further.

About the is a Montreal, Canada based Integrated Search firm that has successfully helped clients build audiences and traffic for over ten years. Their key ingredient is multi-level integration, which transforms typical websites into fertile settings for optimal conversions and sales. httpFusion uses leading-edge techniques which provides higher and more rapid results by optimizing exposure and conversion rate in parallel.

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