The Gnatem Design Team Launches Kickstarter Project for MagBlind: An Innovative Vertical Blind Repair Solution

Crowdfunding is sought to allow homeowners and apartment dwellers to quickly and easily fix vertical blinds in a very clever way.


Boulder, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2015 --Anyone with patio doors will tell you that tall blinds in front of sliding doors are always breaking and are virtually impossible to fix properly. MagBlind changes all that as a simple solution to a problem dogging too many people for too long; fixing vertical slat blinds.

MagBlind was born out of necessity. Most members of the Gnatem team rent apartments and faced the same problem with the vertical slate blinds that come standard in most rentals – and many houses as well. These blinds are installed in homes across the nation because they are inexpensive and functional. In short – they get the job done. Not everyone wishes to pay a premium for designer blinds when inexpensive vertical blinds get the job done. What almost everyone finds out afterwards is that the individual slats that make up the blinds fall off too easily and frequently can't be reattached. This leads to a set of blinds that looks like a bad set of teeth; gaps are created. These gaps easily allow anyone outside to look straight into one's own home which is nothing less than an invasion of privacy.

MagBlind protects privacy quickly and easily. That's because all that needs to be done is to attach the two included magnets with tape to the top of the broken slat and insert the metal into the stem of the blinds. Then just attach the blind to the stem and the repair is made. The magnetic force of the magnets is strong enough to hold the blind and swing at a greater degree than before, without compromising functionality. MagBlind can also be used as a preventative measure on blinds that aren't broken but are subject to constant opening-and-closing as people go outside then come back in. Anyone thinking of their last barbecue or party can easily see how much traffic can pass through their patio doors almost constantly.

While trying to create a useful fix for vertical blinds, the Gnatem design team met many interesting and helpful people along the way who helped them perfect their design such as the metal insert which is cut by a laser to insure precision.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is sought to roll out mass production of the MagBlind based on the final prototype. This crowdfunding project can be the next big thing in DIY home repair bringing fast, easy relief to a problem plaguing millions of people all over the world.

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