Patrick Beraud Seeks Support via Kickstarter to Introduce Bemoir Social Media Platform

Patrick Beraud is looking to create a social media platform that will allow users to tell their story through the eyes of their most cherished possessions. His funding requirement for this project is £25,000.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2015 --Bemoir will be the first social media platform of its kind that will enable everyday users to share their story through their possessions that they cherish. Bemoir users will create their unique digital identity in the form of an avatar. Through video and photos they will be able to complete their avatars. These avatars can also be embedded in a chosen item by the users.

Unique features of Bemoir social media platform are
- First ever object based social media platform that uses an avatar or real world objects.
- Helps users capture memories, sentiments, emotions, moments, and keep them forever.
- Can also be used to add value to different products through thoughts, emotions, and sentiments.

In addition to the web platform, Bemoir will also have an easy to navigate mobile application. With a user-friendly interface, Bemoir users will be easily able to create avatars to share their experiences. Through their mobile or tablet device, users can add a message via voice or video and embed it into their item. They can also connect Bemoir to their existing social media networks.

Bemoir can also be used by the art lovers to learn more about their favorite artist and understand true meaning behind their creations from the artist themselves. As an artist, one may use Bemoir to add their own unique stories to their artwork.

Efforts to develop Bemoir web platform and mobile app are already on the way. However, Patrick Beraud and team need funding support to keep this momentum going. With a funding requirement of £25,000, they have just started a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will end on Wednesday, February 18.

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The official website of Bemoir is

About Patrick Beraud
Patrick Beraud is the Founder and CEO of Bemoir. A qualified MBA and Master of e-Forensics and Enterprise Security, Patrick is also entrepreneurial, bottom – lined focused and visionary.