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Cashak Magazine Launches Preview of New Fashion Publication


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2006 -- Two years after losing his web advertising business to a crooked partner and six months after leaving his photographer position at a deteriorating periodical, Christopher Cashak launches a world-wide online preview of his new publication- Cashak Magazine. Christopher Cashak, a veteran of the media and technology fields, brings the fashion industry an original magazine which embraces new thinking and ideas. Cashak Magazine is the first to be filmed entirely on location in wide-screen format. The magazine has no articles, but brings its audience fashion and beauty advice through direct interviews. By producing all of its material Cashak Magazine sets a new standard in publishing. Cashak Magazine focuses on the sexy styles and trends that affluent, fashion minded women wear. The preview, now online at, brings the world a taste of Christopher Cashak's new publication.

Many have heard Christopher Cashak's core philosophy that: "Fashion is meant to be seen, not read about in articles." Cashak Magazine primarily tells fashion's story through pictures. The magazine is the first fashion publication photographed entirely on location in high-definition, wide-screen format. Cashak Magazine photographs are comparable to Hollywood motion pictures with entertainment and fashion showcase value. The magazine compliments its fashion photography with advice and tips from industry professionals. The exclusive interviews are from fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists and other professionals captured in a first person, to the point perspective- not lengthy articles.

Mr. Cashak is a strong critic of "rerun publications" that reprint the vast majority of their content from news wires and other media outlets. He brings fashion publishing an unprecedented magazine that produces one-hundred percent of its content. The exclusive photographs and interviews found in Cashak Magazine give it a distinct advantage over publications that are dependant upon content from a shared source. Christopher Cashak simplifies this idea by saying: "If you run the same as everyone else, how will you win the race?" The magazine's content originates exclusively from professionals in the fashion industry, not amateur, student or intern contributors, which give it another unique advantage.

Christopher Cashak also condemns the dilution of fashion magazines with the mixing of off-topic material. In many national and local publications, which claim a fashion focus, readers will find articles on everything from real estate to sex advice, and lamp shades to celebrity gossip. Cashak Magazine intends to be a leading authority in the industry by only publishing fashion related content.

Single-handedly, Christopher Cashak is building Cashak Magazine without the help of a corporation or existing media outlets. He is described as a "one man publishing army" by professional peers. Through his years of experience in every aspect of publishing he is able to personally work in all parts of the magazine. Mr. Cashak simultaneously acts as the publisher, editor, photographer, interviewer, fashion stylist, photo shoot manager, web developer, public relations agent, etc. for Cashak Magazine. Mr. Cashak cites his diverse skill set as a publishing advantage: "I am able to keep a consistent vision, style and professionalism in all areas of the magazine. Rather than waiting for someone else to do it tomorrow, I can get everything done today."

Coming from outside the traditional fashion hubs of New York City and Los Angeles, Cashak Magazine brings a new perspective to the industry. The publication is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona- one of the major emerging fashion markets in the United States. The city is dominated by affluent and successful women who religiously search for the newest sexy styles and trends in fashion.

Cashak Magazine capitalizes on its local talent plus national and international fashion designers. The online preview features work of Arizona designers Susan Di Staulo, Rhonda Zayas, Tiffe Fermaint, Lisa Jacobs, Cosmopolitan Accessories, Melis Accessories, Rumbly, Inc. and more. Viewers will also find national designer Request Jeans and international jeweler Cristina Bollardi from Italy.

Cashak Magazine continually discovers new model, designer, makeup artist and hair stylist talent from all over the world. Prospective artists are encouraged to send a portfolio and contact information to

Even before the official preview of Cashak Magazine went online, the publication was establishing itself as a major fashion brand. In 2005 Cashak Magazine was the sole media sponsor for the largest fashion event in Arizona, the Labelhorde Fashion Ball. The publication was also a part of the rock and roll inspired fashion event- SOUNDSTYLE. Cashak Magazine is a sponsor of the upcoming Frock n' Roll, charity fashion show and concert, held in Phoenix.

When asked why he took on the gargantuan task of launching a major international magazine by himself, Christopher Cashak said: "Through my years of experience I saw how not to do a magazine, now it's time for people to see how one is done right."

The new fashion publication, Cashak Magazine, launches an online preview at:

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