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Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2015 --ICESERVE24, a private company that has performed on over 1500 projects in nearly 120 countries announced the launch of their first mobile app, available for IOS and android, called "OTGINTEL". After a successful beta web app with over 100K users, this all-mobile experience ensures that clients can identify and anticipate threats before they happen.

As a Virtual HUMINT Source," ICESERVE24 Mobile App "OTGINTEL" harnesses the "Power of Ground Truth" is a revolutionary mobile intelligence app which enables you to literally understand what's is going on around you in Real-Time.

Emerging markets are inherently risky, and actions of individuals or governments-both domestic and foreign-often have significant impact on the business environment. By providing forward thinking insights from the on-the-ground experts on political, economic, social trends, key drivers, we are able to provide the decision markers with relevant Intel and analysis all in relation to their current to make informed Decision "said Marianna Padilla-Pagan Partner and Director of ICESERVE24 Company.

The OTGINTEL app features:

-An innovative: NEWS FEED: Breaking news and analysis come in the form of "Alerts" can be accessed from our news feed.


oTime and date the report was uploaded

oTopic/Country of Alert

oThe Time in which the event occurred. Upcoming events will say "Slated"

oDetails of the event. Updates will be listed below the original text

-Relationship insights: MAP VIEW: Where are these events taking place and when are my tams or I am located from this report or issue?

oReports on security-related events, such as terrorism, armed conflict, crime, piracy, and cyber attacks

oReports on Political and diplomatic events, such as elections, peace talks, contentious legislation, and more

oReports on economic events, such as policy, labor strikes, subsidy cuts, major commerce deals and more

oReports on infrastructure failure, health, weather ad natural disasters

oReports on cultural or religious events and issues

oUrgent reports or reports of particularly high significance

-Legacy Data: CALENDAR: listing of past incidents, anniversary.

-Live feed: NEW TIPS: you in turn came become a reporter on the ground, send us a message, send us your GPS and a photo, we will verify the data and if actual, we will post as a private new tip.

Delivers actual ground truth and actionable intelligence obtainable only from frontline sources. We are a virtual HUMINT source who filters, analyze and reports only on information that can impact our client's decision making. We specialize in actionable, real-time/near-time geopolitical and business information and analysis. Our international coverage includes reports on political developments, ethics tensions, kidnapping incidents, and other incidents and activities that may affect operational and travel security. Our success on over 1500 projects in nearly 120 countries is a result of unique assets we have developed.

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