Erick Rolfson Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for WhatINeedforSchool.Com

A disruptor of school fundraising – Students and Parents for the first time will actually earn money by raising money for their schools.


Pewaukee, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2015 --Erick Roflson came up with the idea for about three years ago. As a husband and a father he knows as well as anyone that sending kids to school is expensive. Even public schools come with a hefty price tag beyond property taxes thanks to the seemingly endless parade of fundraising events. One month it's a bake sale, the next month a tricky tray followed a few weeks later by a fundraising drive where armies of kids are transformed from students into salespeople knocking on doors to sell chatchkes to their neighbors as mom and dad are lassoed into taking the sales catalog to work so they harangue their co-workers into buying stuff so their child can get a cheap chatchka of their own as a sales prize. Meanwhile, the school gets their money from the company who actually sells the products – and pockets most of their profit.

Cliche as it may sound Erick just knew there had to be a better way – and he found it. He put together a fundraising program by which students could sell a new and advanced savings program as a means of raising money for themselves and their school. Not only would schools get the money they need, the kids could make money too all while helping people save money every day.

Ask any student of their memories of school and among the terrors of test-taking and the hassles of homework are the not-so-fond feelings of fundraising. Cakes, cookies and magazine subscriptions sold to friends, family and neighbors in an annual tradition as predictable as bird migration and the short days of winter. More often than not people ended up with food in the freezer that goes uneaten as unread magazines sit on coffee tables. Money is wasted on things no one really wants purchased by people who are too polite to decline as the fat-cat fundraising companies pocket profits. The school gets the short end of the stick through a pittance of their share of that school fundraising program. Few people would disagree this fundraising model is broken.

Erick Rolfson and his team have fixed this broken fundraising method to the degree that everyone wants to do it because everybody wins.

That's because with WhatINeedForSchool literally everybody involved in the fundraising gets paid in cold hard cash. All money generated is distributed to the school seeking funds, the student who helps in the fundraising process, the WhatINeedForSchool.Com organization with money left over for donation to a non-profit organization created to help students overcome challenges in their lives as they pursue their education.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is sought to roll out the technology necessary to implement this groundbreaking fundraising program via their website, mobile apps and a professional full-time staff. At present the WhatINeedForSchool concept is a kernel idea that needs financing to help it grow into the perfect fundraising mechanism for education.

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