Project Safety Seeks Crowdfunding for the Future of High-Tech Personal Security

The world’s first proactive personal safety system allows anyone to quickly and easily insure their safety by leaving an information trail on the cloud with a built-in safety follow up.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2015 --From an empty parking lot at a shopping mall at night, to random acts of workplace violence, to that first date with someone you only just met online, there are situations in our daily life that demand a heightened sense of security to keep us safe in an increasingly uncertain world. Technology is used to help us monitor our health during the day, our quality of sleep at night and help us navigate streets and highways among a thousand other things.

Finally, technology has been developed to enhance personal safety with airtight security that can't be shut down, circumvented or stopped. Project Safety's system is much more than an app, it's an end-to-end personal security system that follows the user being protected like a virtual bulldog – or bodyguard. Project Safety picks up the slack of personal security where simple apps fall short. Conventional security mobile apps are simply panic buttons built into a phone. What if someone is in a car accident and is knocked out cold after their car runs off the road and down a hill? What if their phone battery died an hour later? There's no chance of pushing that panic button and no way to make a call. There are dozens of scenarios like these that could make it impossible for someone to get to their phone to get the urgent help needed.

The Project Safety team has devoted thousands of hours in research, development and testing the technology model under a battery of different dangerous situations and they know their flagship project is ready for anyone using an Android or iPhone.

Anyone wishing to insure their security need only create an event on their phone, tablet or PC with a user-specified end time. When the end time comes up the user is reminded with a prompt to enter a pre-determined PIN code – twice – to successfully end the event. If this doesn't occur, the cloud-based technology gets right to work in contacting anyone and everyone you appointed as a security contact. With everyone notified the cavalry is on their way. Several other features include travel-based options, GPS tagging and more.

Crowdfunding is sought to enhance their cloud architecture and acquire additional mobile devices for expanding mobile app availability to the Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms. Funds raised in excess of their funding goal of $25,000 will be devoted to a comprehensive marketing plan.

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About Project Safety
Made up of I.T. professionals, security analysts, and former law enforcement professionals, the Project Safety team possesses unique skills for understanding the future of law enforcement, as well as the use of technologies to solve the current personal safety challenges in communities across the country. They're capable of building automated functions and system connectivity-driven cellular and smartphone applications that can utilize current communications and web based technologies to provide proactive and reactive personal safety to everyone.