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Innovative Detox Report Highlights the Reason Why Some Drinkers Can't Stop

A Genetic Link to Alcoholism Found


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2015 --A new study has found that some people have a genetic predisposition to becoming alcoholics, according to Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox.

Alcoholism is a huge problem for both alcoholics and their families, and for society as well. More than 10 percent of Americans will develop a drinking problem at some point during their lives. Until now, the reason why some people develop problems, while others drink all their lives with no problem, has been elusive.

However, research now points to a specific gene causing making some individuals unable to stop drinking, causing it's victims to escalate from moderate social drinkers into addicts.

"All of us have a built-in trigger – a brain protein that tells us when we've had enough," according to Innovative Detox CEO Doctor Lucas Furst. "However, this trigger doesn't always work right. Some people never overindulge, while others can't seem to stop drinking until they pass out. Until recently, nobody knew why – but now we know."

Innovative Detox's report focuses on a single gene which robs some people of the ability to know when to stop.

"For people with this gene, after prolonged over-indulgence, the brain's natural defense against binge drinking fades. Study subjects didn't want to stop drinking, and even began to prefer alcohol to water," Dr. Furst explained.

"Genetically, certain people lose their ability to know when to quit, linking chronic binge drinking and the onset of alcoholism."

This genetic finding helps to explain why Innovative Detox's patent-pending medical-model treatment program can be so helpful for people addicted to alcohol.

"Our Anesthesia-Facilitated Ultra-Rapid Alcohol Detox program works around this genetic predisposition by literally eliminating the addiction, then by working to preventing re-addiction" Dr. Furst concluded.

About Innovative Detox
Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox was created by four medical professionals to offer people addicted to alcohol or prescription painkillers a medically-sound alternative to conventional drug rehab and alcohol addiction programs, which have a 75 percent failure rate, allowing clients to medically overcome their addictions and begin their second chance at life, a life free from addiction.

While there are limited risks to any procedure involving anesthesia, Innovative Detox's patent-pending ID Method – based around the exclusive Beckett Protocol is medically-safe when administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

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