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Super Bowl Commercials Don't Help Company Stock Prices According to New Research from Dr. Kenneth Kim, Chief Financial Strategist of EQIS Capital


San Rafael, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2015 --According to Dr. Kenneth Kim, Chief Financial Strategist of EQIS Capital, the immediate positive effect that a highly-liked Super Bowl commercial can have on its stock price has simply worn off.

Dr. Kim studied the last ten years of Super Bowl commercials and the movement of the stock prices of companies that had advertised, as a follow-up to research he'd published in 2009 which analyzed the same data on the Super Bowls from 1989 to 2005. His original research had revealed that publicly-listed firms that aired highly-likable Super Bowl commercials, based on the USA Today survey of viewers, got an immediate stock price boost the Monday after the Super Bowl. However, he since has found that over the last ten years the pattern has disappeared. Firms with the most-liked Super Bowl commercials no longer seem to enjoy a stock price boost on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

According to Dr. Kim, who has been a university finance professor for 20 years, for nine out of the last ten years, the most-liked commercial was either Budweiser or Doritos (the only exception was Snickers in 2010, but that firm is not publicly-listed). "So, for Budweiser and Doritos, I think the immediate positive effect that a highly-liked Super Bowl commercial can have on their stock prices has simply worn off," he said.

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