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New Complete Conflict Minerals RCOI Reporting Service Lowers Dodd-Frank 1502 Compliance Cost

Green Status Pro updates and validates supplier CMRTs and generates 100% accurate RCOI reports, including the current CMRT Smelter List with 10-day Turnaround Time.


Lexington, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2015 --Green Status Pro announces a new, unique Conflict Minerals RCOI Reporting Service for executives responsible for approving and certifying their company's SEC-mandated Conflict Minerals Reports. Green Status Pro's Complete RCOI Reporting Service 2015 is ideal for companies that are committed to meeting their conflict minerals regulatory obligations at the lowest cost and with the greatest accuracy.

Complete RCOI Reporting Service 2015 is conducted by professional Conflict Minerals Reporting consultants using Green Status Pro's industry-leading Conflict Minerals Reporting technology. Customers provide Green Status Pro with their supplier CMRTs and names of suppliers who have not yet provided a CMRT. Green Status Pro delivers: 1) an updated conflict minerals contact representative list; 2) 100% accurate, comprehensive suite of RCOI reports; and 3) the customer's completed CMRT V3.02 Smelter List.

Starting at $4,500, the Complete RCOI Reporting Service 2015 is extremely affordable.

The service uses Green Status Pro's Ingestorâ„¢ technology. Ingestor is the only software that delivers 100% accurate RCOI reports through its ability to read all CMRT Versions 2.00 through 3.02, validate CMRT data, reference the CFSI's current Standard Smelter List, and reject inaccurate data entries. The alternatives to Ingestor are manual procedures reliant on spreadsheets, environmental databases, and product life-cycle management extensions. Specifically designed to support the CFSI approach to Conflict Minerals Reporting, Ingestor is faster, much more accurate and significantly less expensive than the alternatives.

"Results are trusted by senior corporate management. Companies that use the Complete RCOI Reporting Service 2015 are meeting the SEC's Due Diligence requirements for Conflict Minerals Reporting," explained Rob Kasameyer, President of Green Status Pro. "The service should be used by all suppliers who must provide their customers with an accurate and timely CMRT as well as all corporations that must file Form SD with the SEC."

Organizations interested in lowering their ongoing compliance costs are encourage to learn more about the Reporting Services at

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Green Status Pro automates Due Diligence Reporting to simplify your regulatory life. Green Status Pro is the leader in managing SEC Conflict Minerals Reporting as legislated by Dodd-Frank Section 1502. Green Status Pro's system documents a firm's OECD Conflict Minerals Due Diligence program and automates its RCOI reporting, providing the knowledge-base and leveraging the cloud for fast, affordable, accurate and secure compliance. Green Status Pro is an IBM Business Partner, hosting its applications on IBM's SoftLayer secure global cloud infrastructure. For more information about Green Status Pro, please visit