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Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2015 --Singapore-based SEO Training Service,, has announced its offer to provide SEO training free-of-charge. This news means that small and medium enterprises are able to benefit from this opportunity by tapping into the knowledge and expertise provided by an SEO specialist.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has attained the top-seat in helping websites gain search engine visibility and online awareness. With more than 1 billion websites catering to the needs of the online population, more and more companies have seen the errant need for ways to make themselves known to their target consumers.

According to latest statistics, nearly 43.85% of the real-world population enters the net-world. This is largely attributed to the rise of smartphones and tablets, which have allowed even the most computer-illiterate to gain a foothold in the online sphere. The result of this smart devices revolution has led to an explosion in the demand for Internet marketing services and techniques.

Websites across a wide range of platforms are currently being upgraded in order to equip them with better online tools that increase their online visibility. Without the proper tools, the effort and huge sum of money spent on creating a website with attractive features and graphics would prove futile as no one would know about your site.

This is where SEO comes in. SEO strategies help boost your website's rankings on search result pages based on a set of keywords that are relevant to your business. A great site is made better by popularising its online presence and achieving top ranking in all Search Engine indices.

Popular search engines have their own set of rules and regulations for picking and projecting website links in their first few pages of indices. This set of rules and regulations is known as an Algorithm and gets updated frequently. As such, SEO professionals are constantly up-to-date about the latest changes in order to adapt their strategies accordingly. aims to empower candidates with the power to develop their own SEO campaigns. These candidates will be given professional SEO Training through a hands-on approach, step-by-step guidance, and assessment at regular intervals to track the progress made by the candidates.

During the SEO Training Course, candidates will also be trained in all the nuances and intricacies of SEO Services, including how to remedy websites from the impact of algorithm changes, which include the Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Update introduced by Google Search Engine. has expressed their hope that the online business community, especially small and medium enterprises, will make the best use of this free SEO training course, and get their staff transformed into expert SEO Specialists.

Interested parties are invited to visit for more information.

About offers effective SEO training courses that are designed to empower our clients with the knowledge and skills to boost the ranking of their site while increasing web traffic. Their courses teach students the art of SEO and how to effectively analyse data in order to develop comprehensive SEO strategies.

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