Top Dog Dinners

Top Dog Dinners Creates Natural Dog Food

Company Introduces a Brand of Dog Food That Gets Back to Nature


Patchogue, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2015 --One company is standing out from the crowd by creating a kind of dog food that is made from natural ingredients and built for the specifications of each dog.

Many of the currently available brands of dog food are made from a mishmash of ingredients that can include chemical binders, preservatives and artificial flavors. These can be harmful for dogs, and have proven to be so by the sheer number of them that are pulled off of store shelves each year.

But Top Dog Dinners is taking a new approach to the way dog food is made and is using whole, fresh ingredients to craft specially-tailored meals. By using ingredients such as raw beef, cooked chicken, brewer's yeast, and soy oil, they are formulating meals that are wholesome and healthy for dogs of all kinds.

These meals are intended to evoke the natural foods that dogs would eat out in the wild. They give the dogs the feeling of eating prey while fortifying their bones and supplying them with essential vitamins and minerals. And each meal is carefully crafted to suit the individual dogs.

Very few of the meals Top Dog Dinners creates are alike, as the meal is determined by the specifications of the dog. These meals are made to meet each dog's individual needs and are not part of some assembly line meal plan that is made to appeal to a wide range of dogs.

This has been sparking great interest in the company, as they break away from the conventions of traditional dog food and offer their clients and their dogs something better. These natural meals are helping dogs to become stronger and healthier and to liver fuller and longer lives.

For many consumers, Top Dog Dinners is creating the kinds of meals they would actually want to feed their dogs, and they are offering their clients a better choice.

About Top Dog Dinners
Top Dog Dinners is a premium custom dog food brand, that manufactures their products in the USA.