SearchArize Proves the Importance of Natural and Organic Results


Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2006 -- — has returned strong results in its quest to provide small businesses and professionals with a solid online presence and search engine marketing campaign that is both affordable and effective. While many search engine marketing (SEM) firms focus on selling the advantages of pay per click campaigns, prefers to equally emphasize the strength of natural and organic search results, as an essential first step in any online marketing plan. Jon Breidbart, Founder and Marketing Guru of Neighborhood Media Corp., parent company of SearchArize, says, “Natural results are best generated when clean, proper and basic SEO principles, such as meta tags and smart, original, keyword-rich content, are all utilized.” Natural results are, of course, prized for the free traffic they create. Jon argues, “Right now pay per click is a wide open marketing vehicle; we see holes in our potential clients’ online campaigns on a daily basis, holes that we can easily patch. Nothing this good is going to last forever.” Although Mr. Breidbart sees pay per click as the fastest way to succeed, short term, he maintains, “Like any other trend, it won’t be long until the general public catches on and forms of over-saturation occur.”

In addition to SearchArize’s ability to expertly design and manage pay per click campaigns, such as the well known Google AdWords and Yahoo! Overture programs, uniquely specializes in assisting the same clients to build their presence in the natural search results, by first optimizing their websites. They adhere to the best practices of the major search engines—Google, Yahoo!, and MSN—when it comes to link-building, keyword content, and other aspects of SEO. The offices buzz with the voices of search marketing consultants who continuously emphasize the benefits of natural search results to their existing and potential clients. It is within, and near the top of the natural search results, where most potential customers and clients shop for trusted and reputable businesses and professionals.

While many large businesses have been profitably engaged in monstrous online paid marketing programs with huge spends for the last few years, is now discovering an untapped source. Already, they are successfully delivering pay per click results 20 to 60 percent above those of self-managed campaigns, for small to medium-sized businesses and professionals. The company is carving out a niche market with real estate agents, insurance professionals, and lenders, who often are looking to find footing in local search markets which are extremely competitive. Local search is a growing sector of the search marketing industry in which has significant experience. A division of Neighborhood Media Corp., benefits from the marketing expertise and reputation of its parent company. NMC,, has been delivering exclusive bundled media advertising, of the traditional kind, to small businesses and professionals in over a dozen different markets.’s marketing specialists are trained to quickly recognize websites with little or no optimization and to offer guidance and special invitations to businesses that qualify for this company’s unique programs. offers an extensive ala carte menu of search engine marketing services or a number of all-inclusive package deals. is currently one of the fastest growing search engine marketing companies in the country. Neighborhood Media Corp. maintains its company’s headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, a region of the country that has become synonymous with the best and brightest in information technology. For more information, contact Jon Breidbart,, 1135 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 200, Cary, NC 27511; 877-455-5788;