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Game Gorilla - A Revolutionary New Way to Trade Next-Generation Console Games


Dunedin, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2015 --Today is the day that Game Gorilla launched their new web application which allows gamers to anonymously trade their next-generation console games with others across the country. This service could easily replace other existing game services because of the superior ease and value that Game Gorilla provides its users. Unlike other game trading providers, the anonymous nature of Game Gorilla allows the company to completely guarantee the safety of its user's property.

In addition, Game Gorilla is the first game trading entity that fully operates as a service. Game Gorilla handles its entire trading process from beginning to end. Consumers simply add the games they want to trade, and add the games they desire, and Game Gorilla takes care of the rest. This is not only the safest route for gamers to get the best value for their used games, but also takes all the effort out of the equation through Game Gorilla's automatic custom algorithm. Unlike other trade sites, users pay a small fee upon accepting a trade. This fee is what allows the company to guarantee its trading process and the safety of its user's property. One game always trades for one other game which eliminates the need for used game stores who give a hugely depreciated trade-in value for used games.

About Game Gorilla LLC
Game Gorilla LLC is a privately owned game-trading organization headquartered in Sunny Dunedin, FL. Game Gorilla LLC provides gamers with an original game-trading service for next-generation consoles. Game Gorilla is a unique service that handles the entire trading process using its own custom algorithm. For more information on Game Gorilla LLC and its services, visit