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Newly Acquired Pallet Racks Now Available at WarehouseRack.com

Large quantity of pallet racks now available to meet customer needs at WarehouseRack.com


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2015 --In an effort to meet customers growing needs, WarehouseRack.com has recently acquired 2,000 sections of used Advanced Mfr. pallet racks. This new product offering brings additional warehouse organization solutions to the growing WarehouseRack.com inventory.

"We are always looking for the products our customers need most," says Sales Manager, Mr. Robbins. "With this shipment we can offer additional warehouse shelving options rounding out our pallet rack inventory to meet any size space and need."

This large acquisition includes 228" X 48" X 4" uprights at $95 each, 96" X 4" X 1 5/8" beams at $19 each, and 48"x48" steel corrugated decking at $10 each.

The racks are well-made and heavy duty. Manufactured over 10 years ago, there is more steel in the racks then those that are made today. Additionally, the uprights have wire partition type material welded alongside the bracing for extra support.

Pallet rack systems are used as a warehouse storage aid. While there are many types of pallet racks systems all are used to as a storage aid to organize and store palletized materials. Additionally, the versatility offered by Pallet rack systems allows for customizing the size of your racking system to fit your current need or add to as you grow.

Pallet racks are utilized to maximize space whether in a new warehouse or to expand an existing facility. Preplanning for pallet racks is essential in getting the most out the facility space and racks.

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